The dead


THE DEAD in the astral planes

First, of course, the word "dead" is an absurd designation inappropriate, since the majority of entities classified under this heading are full of life as much as we ourselves, the term must be understood to mean those who for the moment are separated by a physical body. They can be divided into nine main classes, as shown below:

    The Nirmanakaya. It 's really very difficult to meet these higher beings, but I put them here for information

    The Chela waiting to be reincarnated, that is, those who practice religious activities, more or less Buddhist, who lie in wait and the right place to return to own a body

    Ordinary people after death, which stays in the astral can last from hours to centuries, depending on many factors, so you must know that after death the real man retires within himself, and as a first step of process is stripped of the physical body, etheric double, and later of of Prana, and is then expected to get undressed as quickly as possible to the astral body or Kamico, move in condition devachanica, where only his spiritual aspirations may find their full realization.

    The shadows. When a person dies leaving a dead body, when he finished his time in the astral and decided to continue its growth, leaves another astral body but this time, it is precisely this category of beings. If the person represented by this reflex has been able to purify the human passions, his astral body will absorb more than to be without problems, otherwise it will remain on this plan is created so the entity class that has been called "The Shadow" - a entities, has been observed, which is not in any real sense of the individual (because he has passed in Devachanic) but still, not only creates his personal appearance, but has its own memory and all his little idiosyncrasies, and can, therefore, easily impersonate him, as indeed it really makes the seances. It is not, of course, aware of any act of impersonation, because as far as his intellect functions it must necessarily imagine himself as if it were an individual, but anyone can imagine the horror and disgust of the friends of the deceased, if they could only realize that they were cheated by accepting as a bundle of their loved all his worst qualities soulless.

    The Shells. The shell is quite simply the astral body in the process of disintegration, having been abandoned by every particle of the lower body. It is completely devoid of any knowledge or intelligence, and is passively transported along astral currents around like a cloud can be blown in any direction by a passing breeze, but still it can be galvanized for a few moments in a horrible parody of life if it happens to come within reach of the aura of a medium. In certain situations it may still take apparently pierced the exact likeness of personality, and can also play up to a certain extent his familiar expressions or handwriting, but it does so for the automatic action of which is composed of cells, which tend under stimulation to repeat the types of actions which are more accustomed, and any amount of intelligence could be behind these events, it has absolutely no connection with the original entity, but is paid by the medium or its "guide" to the 'occasion.

There is still another kind of body that is necessary to mention in this chapter, however, they belong to the stage of history more immediate post-mortem human: the astral bodies and physical connection is separate rapidly, leaving it to wander where the body lies.

This etheric shell, however, do not you come around aimlessly, as is the type we have just finished describing, on the contrary, it remains within a few meters from the decaying physical body, and is easily visible to someone who is also a very sensitive, and is responsible for many of the stories of ghosts in cemeteries that commonly run. A person psychically developed through one of our great cemeteries will see hundreds of these vague forms bluish-white, hovering over the graves, which are deposited the remains that have recently left physical, and as they are, like their counterparts lower, in various stages of disintegration, their vision is not very pleasant: this is the so-called "corpse" used in black magic ceremonies which evoke the dead is to drag them into our reality and make them slaves.

    The shells vitalised. These entities can not, strictly speaking, be classified in the "human", since it is only their outer shell, the shell passive, insensitive, what was once the preserve of humanity, life, the desire, the will and intelligence that they may possess are those of the artificial elemental that animates it, and that, as unfortunately in reality is a creation of the evil thoughts of man, is not itself human. It will therefore perhaps best to treat it more fully in its appropriate class, including artificial entities, since the nature and genesis will be more easily understood when it will be that person. Suffice it to say that they are always evil beings, real tempting demons, whose malign influence is limited only by the extension of their power.

    The Victims of Suicide or Sudden Death. One can easily understand that a man who is torn from the physical life hurriedly while in full health and strength, because of an accident or suicide, is located on the astral plane under conditions considerably different from those that surround one that dies or for old age or disease. In the latter case the extent of earthly desires is taken more or less weakened, and probably much larger particles have already been eliminated, and the top layers of the mind will have time to separate and create the right to live in other bodies higher worlds. In case of accidental death or suicide none of these preparations took place, and the removal of bodies from their physical coating has been aptly compared to the extraction of stone from an unripe fruit. It 's so that they know the excruciating agonies of the world described as the seventh part, where the suffering is personal and unspeakable.

    Vampires. They are very rare but, for clarity I post them. They are remnants of ancient civilizations fall from grace spiritual, dangerous but difficult to find unless you call them.

    Finally, but only as a discussion as I should study the various sectors, the Wizards are Blacks and their students, of whom I had the misfortune to meet in person. These human. Disembodied or not, studying the system to prolong their persistence in the world of material reality, so you can enjoy the pleasures, though evanescent, and passenger and objects of the senses: they defy the natural course of events for mere personal interest in nature low. Just know that they are best avoided, but if you encounter them by force or misfortune, it is better to know in time to recognize and respond with "weapons" right.

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