The Artificial


THE ARTIFICIAL the astral planes

This, the largest class of astral entities, it is also the most important for humans. Being entirely his own creation, it is related to him with the closest karmic bonds, and its action upon him is direct and relentless. It 'a huge mass of crude semi intelligent entities, which differ from one another as human thoughts differ, virtually incapable of any type of classification or order.

The only division that can be useful is one that stands out among the artificial elementals created unconsciously by the majority of humanity, and those created by magicians with defined goals, whereas we relegate to a third class, the small number of artificially created entities that are not elemental way.

    Elementals formed unconsciously. The thought conforms and molds the plastic essence instantly into a living being-a necessary aspect of being that, once created, is no longer under the control of its creator, but lives a life of its own, the duration of which is proportional intensity of thought or desire that brought her to exist. Hard, in fact, all the time in which the power of thought holds it together. The thoughts of most people are so light and indecisive that the elementals created by them only last a few minutes or hours, but often repeated a thought or a strong desire to form an elemental whose existence may last for several days. Since the thoughts of the ordinary man largely relates to himself, as he left the elementals around him constantly and tend to cause a repetition of the idea that they represent, since such repetitions, instead of forming new elementals, reinforce the old, and give it new life. Therefore, a man who frequently holds on a desire, often gives rise to an astral his guardian, constantly fed by fresh thinking, can chase him for years, gaining strength and influence on him, and you will easily understand that if the desire is evil effects on the morality of its creator will be devastating. If the entity is created on another person will not remain longer in the vicinity of its creator, but the target will be attracted to the subject of thought.

    Elemental consciously created. It 'a fact that occultists of both the white and black schools frequently use artificial elementals in their work, and few tasks are beyond the power of such creatures, when prepared in a scientific manner and with direct knowledge and skills, because those knows how to do this can maintain a connection with his elemental and guide him, no matter how far it should work, so that in practice will act as if the teacher had the same intelligence. Well defined and efficient guardian angels were sometimes provided in this way, although probably very rarely so clear Karma allows interference in a person's life. Through some of the most advanced methods of black magic, can be created artificial elementals of great power, and much evil has been done in many ways from these entities. But it is true for them as for the previous class, that if they are directed to a person who, for his purity of character, are not able to influence, they react with terrible force against its creator. Occasionally, these creatures, for various reasons beyond the control of those who have tried to use them, and become demons and wandering aimlessly.

    Artificial human beings. Of this type will not deal as there is sufficient information to discuss, at least for me.

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