Esoteric meaning of symbols The Square

Esoteric meaning of symbols The Square

It's the symbol of the earth as opposed to blue, but as created, implies an idea of solidification and stagnation or stabilization of perfection, while the smooth, circular motion, stopping and stability are associated with angular figures: is the figure who represents the area while the circle represents the time, however, there may be a change of opposites when considering the altars and temples of square posts on the hills round the sacred stone of Mecca is square, while the fundamental rites of the pilgrimage consist of circular turns around the quadrangle.

Notify firmness, stability, balance, with its four sides is an expression of number four, and suggests the balance of four elements similar in nature is not easily available and is generally a product of human intelligence because it must be carefully measured and mapped, perhaps for this reason the West is rational thought, the success of an enterprise, the existence on earth and volition, this meaning is already outlined in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In the east it embraces more symbols, for example in China is the land with his feminine nature Yin, the lotus symbolizes in India, while Buddhism is the palace of the four gates of the mandala, which defines the sacred space that welcomes the goddess.

In Jewish tradition, the square, also represents the four letters in the name of God, Yod-He-Vau-He, which have a very deep symbolism, difficult to translate into a site in depth, but in which are hidden very deep knowledge on the creation, alchemy, the elements, science and esotericism itself that only an initiate can understand well prepared.

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