Esoteric meaning spiral symbol

This figure is linked to the symbolism of the circle, the universe moves in spirals, if the smoke is blown away from us we will see a Spiral and the same happens if we generate an eddy swirling water, the same forces that act on 'air and water give rise to the gravitational force that makes atoms and galaxies, so the spiral is the shape taken from the infinitely large and infinitely small, and indicates a circular motion that is approaching and moving away from a point central.

Antique engraved spirals on stone have been found in England and France, and the Native Americans, for primitive peoples could symbolize the plant growth, healing and magical dances and certainly have been used to induce states of concentration and ecstasy, also spiral is the most primitive form of a labyrinth in its movement towards the center.

The design alludes to the meandering of the spiral form of the snake and often conveys the symbolic richness associated with them: the spirals can turn right or left, in the first case, if that figure turns clockwise, a positive sign indicates that energy emerges from consciousness, in the opposite direction, counter clockwise, instead suggests an involution of the energy that collapses towards the center or in the unconscious.

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