Esoteric meaning of the symbols the Serpent

Esoteric meaning of the symbols the Snake

Since the earliest evidence we find an Egyptian snake, like a halo, is wrapped around the head of the Sun God Aton and represents the solar disk, while in the Egyptian Book of the Dead really a snake is the ferryman of souls that symbol, originally Babylonian, also identified the god Ammon, the reigning spirit of the underworld who was depicted with the image of a snake coiled in a circle and in the act of biting its tail.

This image is perfectly comparable to the Greek dell'Oroborus, perpetual transformation of death into life, because the fangs inject poison into his own body, the same eternal image of the snake is found in the mandala of Native Americans.

The snake biting its tail is thus a universal symbol that represents the eternity and indestructibility of nature, ie the cycle of life that is renewed, in which nothing is created nor destroyed.

Spirit of pristine waters, the serpent is connected to many rivers in Amerindian mythologies the myth of the snake, sometimes feathered, corresponds to the corn-growing areas where it is associated to moisture, water carriers of the earth and the clouds of rain.
Its symbolism as inspiring and visionary finds himself in the myth of Cassandra, a child was found by his parents with a snake that was touching the mouth, the same myth is found in the main as the oracles of Delphi.
In Africa and India the serpent lord of fruitfulness and is honored by women who want a child, from the Native Americans symbolizes the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, thanks to the moulting process of the skin, are assigned to the power the creation of sexuality, of change and immortality of the soul, reincarnation and protection, all meanings are very similar and almost overlapping those in the Celtic world where the snake was tied to water, mother earth and the cycle of ' year that is always repeated like itself but semrpe different.

Ben took on different meaning in the Jewish-Christian, not merely to be a giver of life, but assumed all the characteristics of esssere satanic, diabolical instigator in the earthly paradise, the negation of life immortal in the New Testament, the devil is called the old serpent.

Also as an example for his intelligence and his evil cunning deceiver, this ancient symbol and the two snakes have always represented the polarity between good and evil kept in balance by the divine wand that controls the forces, where the wings of esoteric symbols related to snakes indicate the primacy of knowledge that stands above the field.

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