Ravens and crows


Esoteric meaning of symbols Ravens and crows

In Ireland, that of the crow is one of the names of the goddess of war who uses this form as well as that of latri animals to show their opponents: the Native Americans at the Raven is the guardian of great mysteries, is the only animal that has the ability trsgredire of the laws of this world, because it can become or be present in two places at once.

The figure of the raven is rather contradictory: if China is considered a negative aspect of bird related death and so gloomy and ominous, Japan is the symbol of family harmony, and divine messenger, just like in the Mayan tradition, becomes spokesperson of thunder and lightning, while in India it is called "the messenger of death" as opposed to the divine that has value and pèositiva as volatile in Greece sacred to Apollo, the same is true for the Nordic Germanic mythology, in fact, remember that the crows were considered the companions of Odin and how he is often depicted with these birds perched on his seat.

For Native Americans the crow is mainly considered as the harbinger of mystery and magic, perhaps because their tribes often at the black color has never had a negative meaning as is prevalent in the West, the raven is an ambassador of the great void that lies beyond time and space, in the Indian healing ceremonies it appears as a repository of energy flows, by which diseases They come defeated and dispersed.

In the legends of Native Americans, the crow is the origin of the animal world when the earth was avvlta ddall'oscurità and not yet inhabited by men, stole the sun to bring on earth.

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