Rite of Exorcism catholic



(It reads in feet)

God comes along and his enemies be scattered:
and flee before Him those who hate him.
As smoke vanishes, they vanish as well;
as wax melts in fire, so the sinners perish before God
D. Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee bands of enemies.
R. He won the lion of the tribe of Judah, the descendant of David.
D. Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us.
R. As we have hoped in you.
We exorcise you, unclean spirit, satanic power, infernal enemy invasion, Legion, meeting and diabolical sect, in the name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ + Be uprooted from the Church of God and the souls redeemed by the Precious Blood of Divine Lamb +. Henceforth no longer dare, cunning serpent, to deceive the human race, persecute the Church of God, nor shake and crap, such as wheat, the elect of God
Commands you to Almighty God, to whom, in your great pride, presumably be similar.
Commands you + God the Father, God the Son commands you +; the commands you + God the Holy Spirit.
Commands you the Christ, the eternal Word of God made flesh +, and for his salvation of our race outdone, for your jealousy, "was humiliated and made obedient unto death."
Commands you + sign of the cross the power of all the mysteries of our Christian faith.
Commands you the powerful Mother of God, the Virgin Mary that + the first instant of her Immaculate Conception for his humility has crushed your proud head. Thus, cursed dragon, diabolical legions, and we beg you for God + live + for the holy God:
stop deceiving human creatures and pouring over them the poison of eternal damnation, stop harming the Church and put laces on his freedom. Begone, Satan, inventor and master of deceit, enemy of man's salvation. You give way to Christ, you give way to the Church.
Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, tremble and run by us to the invocation of the Holy and terrible Name of Jesus that shakes hell, where the virtues of heaven, Powers and Dominations are subject, which the Cherubim and Seraphim praise unceasingly, saying: "Holy, Holy,
Holy is the Lord, the God of Armies. "
From the snares of the devil, deliver us, O Lord.
After the exorcism, burning incense and holy water to spread.
Where there is a + sign should make a sign of the Cross without pronouncing words.
After this Psalm is natural to think that the laws are going in the direction of Catholic, I often criticized for its contradictions, for the constant and endless desire to remain tied to a political power that continually changed over the centuries, in addition to the conditioning that led a people to give up its religious roots.
Remember that Magic is not the practice religion, but a means to solve some problems caused by the religions themselves. Genes, the Primary, the larvae in the stagnant bodies disembodied Astral, are not the result of a religious conditioning.
We know very well that these energies are born within the various religions have evolved and have become the rules that humans have imposed.
Astral nothing is produced without the contribution of the human will, so if we turn away from a house entity, or a larva, or an entity connected to the matter, must act
with the same technique with which energy is created. Genes Christians must fight them with Christian rites, we must fight them with the elementary psychic energy of man, the Aeons with the forces of nature, Elementary with love.
We in the West linked to a Catholic matrix should impress a defense with Catholic rites.
The Church does not recognize physical events related to the ethereal world, where hatred, love, fear takes shape, to be relayed on the material plane, and specifically on man.
Certain phenomena occur because the will directs the thought of an individual with a force outside of his aura. Such thinking is associated with affinity to other providers on the ethereal energy that interacts with the special circumstances procuring evolutionary plan being
many human disorders.
To delete Entity and Negativity, residential indoor and resisting exorcism.
Before starting work it is good to turn the whole environment in which we operate in search of places where negative energies are concentrated.
Once this is done to obtain three fresh olive branches, a crucifix, holy water, a piece of charcoal from incense, incense white, a small broom, garbage pick up a shovel, a nylon bag.
If you feel that the environment there are entities you burn myrrh before starting work.
1) Go into the room farthest from the door and pray the Our Father three times in the middle of the room, simultaneously with each pater make the sign of the cross with the crucifix suspended half a room.
2) Turn on the charcoal and burn incense in one revolution of the room (the door counterclockwise). At each corner recite the Our Father, while the incense make the sign of the cross.
The doors are to be regarded as a solid wall.
3) With the three olive branches scrape the walls or the furniture and every corner to make the sign of the cross.
4) With the holy water and sprinkle the room in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
5) Go to the other rooms doing the same things. Point 1-4
6) Without the rooms is the turn of the corridor. You must know that the entities, larvae and negative energies are all in that space.
This moment is the most dangerous, because you will do as in the previous rooms, in addition, after doing the above paragraph 1-4 gather from the corners of the corridor with the broom invisible dirt and put in plastic bag and close it. Once this is done you will need to bring the entity, the larvae and the negative energy gathered in a cemetery that is not near the house where the work is done. Along the way you mentally recite a prayer, without talking to the person who is driving the car.
Upon arriving at the place that you had previously established (a cemetery, a church or other location), you open the plastic bag and recite these words. I (name, surname) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit confinement in this place that may do more harm to anyone - I order you in the name of Jesus Christ made flesh.
Making the sign of the cross and throw the bag away without looking back.
Under no circumstances turn the car and go over the cemetery where they were downloaded or entities, larvae, or negative energy for at least a week. The risk that you may incur rehearsing our steps, is to draw on us some entities, which may give trouble in the days following, even cause accidents of various kinds.
7) Back in the house dip your hands in a basin of cold water for about two minutes, doing so will remove the remaining energy. This rite is valid for homes and workplaces.
To eliminate larvae attached to the pranic barrier. With regard to the larvae and energies which are attached to the barrier pranic of a human being it is more complex. Not being able to clean inside the body will need to force the larvae to emerge out (Barrier Pranic). Take a bowl full of water, a cup with olive oil, a blessed candle, a crucifix, a dropper.
From the person undergoing the rite do with one hand touching the plate at the same time you do while using the other crossed the plate and on your person, then pours five drops of oil in the pot full of water. The first at the center, the other four around the first.
Without this you will start to burn oil, I'll help trying to explain what are the drops that you will burn, and what you must leave intact.
1) The drops that seek to escape the fire of the match, forming a ring are negative and you will all be burned completely.
2) The droplets collected from the match you have to take them over the flame of the candle, if they burn well frying oil with the characteristic noise then everything is fine, but if the drops were to boil without making noise this is a test that is negative.
3) When throwing the first drop on the water means that a rainbow is formed, the person has nothing serious or that you are at the end of the work.
4) If the oil going forward burning the person is suffering from these larvae will occur in the pot in forms of various kinds, very often have their shape exposing. At this point you will burn very well the whole figure.
5) When you immerse the lighted match into a drop and the drop is formed an air bubble, this bubble is called the eye, and means that an external will try to overpower the mind of the person in question.
6) The drop was formed from which the eye has to be burnt whole. Remember that at this juncture, when you burn the eye, which includes the energy returns to the source. The more energy you burn, the greater the rebound on the person who voluntarily contributed to that situation will be strong enough to cause him all kinds of ailments.
7) When the drops become polished diamonds as you arrived at the end of your work.
8) When the drops become opaque, preannunziano a death, sometimes it is a female egg, and sometimes an abortion, or the end of a relationship, both physical and spiritual. It is said that the opacity of the droplets mean physical death of the person that you are doing the pot.
9) When for the first time the five drops are poured into the pot and the oil remains lucid and compact means that the person has nothing. When a person is contaminated it is as if it was not. The psychic immediately recognizes this situation, but for him it is not always necessary to repeat the dish a second time. If the second course the drops spread out means there is a lot of negativity. At this point we need to make a cross on the water with a finger, or a crucifix, and then begin to burn, and if the drops are small, shiny and round, the person is not anything to worry about.
10) You often see the drops cling to the edge of the plate trying to escape or hide from view of the operator, this always happens when the subject is very negative.
At this juncture we must collect all the oil that expands toward the edges and burn.
11) When, after breaking the drops with the crucifix, they tend to shrink toward the center, means that all goes well and that we are nearing the end.
12) When the plate there is nothing left to burn you close the pot by the cross on the water with three matches by speaking in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
13) The plates must be done, at least three, six, or, in exceptional cases, nine.
14) Repeat the dishes after a week.
15) Not all drops are negative, those that tend to cluster at 95% are positive.
16) When the drops are close and they are all negative, meaning that the subject produces his own negative energy. This situation is very delicate, because if you burn all the negative energy the subject will stay bad, it takes away a little while you work harder, thereby perpetuating the work. The best thing is to always ask the subject if you get tired or if it takes you sleep. If this is confirmed you will need to stop and continue the following week.
17) This ritual restores the pranic flow back to normal by the person undergoing
18) The burning candle to the drops of oil should preferably have been turned into a church, or a blessing.
19) Often the droplets explode, creating a ring, if it breaks, it means the person who voluntarily sought to do harm has failed in its intent. If on the contrary, the ring is formed and remains all combined, means that the person has been able to strike the designated person.
The nuances encountered are endless and I can not name them all, because this is a rite hard to learn.
20) The operator in the pot feels emotions, punctures with needles, tingling, vibrations of an organ. She can feel the general fitness of the person all the time it takes to do the job.
21) Burning the oil collected with the match, the spark plug emits a scent often, most times this odor is unpleasant, thus indicating the status of the subject, other times the smell is pleasant.
This means that the energy of the plate is positive, and should not continue to burn oil because otherwise you risk removing too much energy to the person, weakening the prana.
This ritual requires a protection entity or larvae, the SATOR think is the most suitable.

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