Eggregore Egregora

The concepts are Eggregore vitalizing, with their oversize and spiritual energy that intimately unites the members of the community as the initiatory lodges. Only institutions in ritual character (Church, Masonic, Martinist, etc..) Can in fact generate a lasting eggregoro. It can destroy only the abandonment of the rituals and the suppression of its members and the fire of his writings. While he can not turn off the natural death, nor to bloodshed, but rather enhances the vitality that occult.
This explains why the persecution against Christianity have actually increased its size, and the fact that the heretics and their writings were destroyed by fire.

It gives the name of Eggregoro to a force generated by a powerful spiritual stream and then fed at regular intervals according to a rhythm in harmony with the universal life of the cosmos, or at a meeting of entities united by a common character.
Invisible, outside the physical perception of man, there are artificial beings generated by devotion, enthusiasm, fanaticism, called eggregori. These are the souls of the great spiritual currents, good or bad. The mystical Church, The Celestial Jerusalem, The Body of Christ and all these synonyms are the qualifications that commonly give all'Eggregoro of Catholicism.

Freemasonry, Protestantism, 1 'Islam, Buddhism, are eggregori. And so the great political ideologies.
Integrated with the initiation ritual or psychically with intellectual assent to one of these theories, the affiliate will become one of the constituent cells. Increase the power dell'Eggregoro with the qualities or defects which owns and in return the Eggregoro isolate him from the external forces of the physical world, reinforcing with all the collective strength that has accrued before, the weak man's means of action that it is a party. Instinctively popular language by the name of all'Eggregoro circle that expresses the idea so instinctively day circuit. Among the primary cell, ie, between the franchisee and the group establishes a kind of inner psychic movement.
This explains why opponents of a concept any studying the origin, nature, the life of this concept, often end up with the join or marry one of the theories even without their knowledge. They are placed in a current, it is more powerful than that to which they were first linked, drag them out of the way insensibly assumed that follow. If they were free of any affiliation, stronger action would be more brutal. This idea and 'valid for all major political movements, philosophical and religious. But a spiritual movement can become a living in the occult sense of the word, and only if 'revitalized by Rites.
The Eggregori concepts are vitalized, which explains that only the associations with human ritual character (Catholic Religion, Freemasonry, Martinist, etc.. Etc..) Can generate a Eggregoro and therefore last much longer.
You can obtain the destruction of a Eggregoro only with death by fire of its living members, its symbols that materialize or that it is entering into, as with the destruction of all written concerning him (Ritual, Archives .. .).

L 'will be destroyed Eggregoro slowly when left to itself, no rituals, no spiritual current, generated according to precise rules occult, perpetuating its existence. The incenerizione of its members living and writings attached to them only insures the destruction of the physical body and the double of every being and every thing, the mere ordinary death (without the total destruction of the image) if it carries with it the material life, does not hinder the astral life.
Indeed death by bloodshed, will only enhance the vitality hidden dell'Eggregoro, by virtue of the mysterious power of the blood when it is released in the form of sacrifice, which explains how the pagan persecutions against Christianity did not only increase the extension of the latter.
Also explains the fact that the heretics and their writings, often have been destroyed by fire. The Catholic Church, as you see, understands the secret life of Eggregori. The separation is achieved by a Eggregoro with a ceremony similar, although in the opposite order, which ensured that its genesis.
The initiation is canceled with excommunication. Reactions dell'Eggregoro expelled from the cell are very dangerous though always assume a perfectly natural development. This rejection usually changes considerably the fate of "excommunicated", destiny changed for the first time from initiation.
Abandoning a Eggregoro is prudent to fit in, albeit temporarily, in a concept of equal strength but opposite. As the cells constituting a eggregoro will be extracted from the same humanity for what relates to the material plane, so other cells will be extracted from the world dell'eggregoro constituent entities.
Then the Eggregoro lives in the physical plane (where it acts by man), and the upper floor, where it acts through entities. So has a body, a double, a soul, this has its application in the threefold Church Militant (Earth), suffering (astral), triumph (blue).

As the pace of life is ensured by eggregorica ritualism, easily understand that the slightest disturbance of this ritual will bring an identical disturbance in the rhythm of life concept, a bit 'like a human organ that functions abnormally.
Once established and perpetuated by the use and over time, a ritual can not be changed, otherwise the weakening dell'Eggregoro, which explains why the secrecy is applied especially to the rites of initiation.
With the Divine Names and Words of Power, that is, the definitions established by usage rituals, allow - together with prayers, formulas, invocations, also established by usage - to establish a spiritual relationship between man and God, so names, words, special formulas and secret, are used for actuation, and preliminary dell'eggregoro awakening.
But if the passive life of this revitalized concept, is ensured by the mass of the faithful, active life should be ensured only by some members, the more confident and skilled.
This necessarily implies a hierarchy within each association, equality, if equality must be, can not be established that the "inner circle" at the head dell'Eggregoro.
Finally the great cosmic laws - and in particular with regard to time and the ages at the time - must work together to dell'Eggregoro life.
This explains all the great ritual ceremonies, so much philosophical as religious, are placed at the equinoxes and solstices, or given in connection with these great divisions annually.

Similarly, should respect the movement of the stars, and their influence can not be derived from a place, a guidance.
The conventional image of a eggregoro, its mental representation is equivalent to a reality in the astral plane, or world hyperphysical immediately.
The Republic, The Homeland, Justice, War, Famine, are images eggregoriche, Man, viewing the subject, the anthropomorphizes, out of necessity '.
In the divine plan where everything is equivalent to a number, divine number, sign, or the concrete Sigillum Eggregoro.
These are the Seal of Solomon or hexagram, or Star of David on Pentalpha, the Latin Cross, the Masonic triangle and countless figurative signs and seals of the entities that we communicate the books of magic and the Kabbalah, therefore, must belong to every eggregoro a sign , characteristic of its nature, its aims and means.
Regarding the affiliate that sign is currently protection, support and a point of contact then becomes a pentacle (like the shield of a noble family whose family tree that unites the pentacle every descendant of that family as long as we collectively preserve the traditions and the honor of belonging).
When a long-lived Eggregoro can happen that you purchase a relatively independent life.

So no longer obeys the impulses that Masters and seven transmit through the rites, and docile slave becomes a vicious tyrant frequently, which explains how a movement can often deviate from the assigned purpose.
The conquest of a Eggregoro, through evocation was a secret known to the priests of Rome.
The formation of psychic Eggregori is described extensively in the various works of occultism.
The rules are part of yoga as well as the "Sons of the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius ", a work that all the disciples of the Jesuits know.
The hidden life of eggregori is assured by procedures identical to those that use magic to revive the so-called elementary forces. The blood of the victims (the burnt offerings of worship or of Atonement), the aromatic gums, frankincense, myrrh, etc.. . . (Blood of the plant), displaying an image concretizzatrice day, the mental currents, chains merge, etc. .... are part of a ritual of eggregori entertainer and conservative.
The material life of eggregori and 'assured by the number of members, their discipline, spiritual union, from the strict observance and life-giving conservatives.
Similarly, the current of sympathy or antipathy generated in the secular world, by their action or their tendencies, or nuociono powerfully help to revitalization concepts as to how they work. A fortiori, the processes of action of the occult magic of traditional and Theurgy are powerful means of support or fight about the Eggregori, however to the condition that their power is comparable to that of the concept.
This explains the sacrilege and desecration, in all times, have been considered religious crimes, we defined the part, and the raison d'etre of the Chain of Union Masonic.

Generative and vivifying dell'Eggregoro Order, its only purpose is to throw in the regions closed to the spiritual and carnal meaning to their action, the current generating a metaphysical being who defies anthropomorphism.
Originated by the assembly human, born of his desire and his ideal substance, this being from another world will become its god-conductor. So is the true Spirit Eggregoro Masonic Order.
The ideal dell'Eggregoro Masonic symbol is represented by a triangle, you have to imagine and then project the imagination in front of us, sitting in the same position occupied in the Lodge, by drawing a square of the loggia in front of us, and beating the drums of the degree , the closure ends as for normal work, it may work in this way at a distance, all together.

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