Division astral planes


Division astral planes

Division seven astral planes

There are 7 divisions of astral planes, even if the division is made for the purpose of realization more logical to those studying these subjects, where, starting from the seventh layer that represents the lowest, there is a place (but here speak only of the first four), which physically speaking is not a place where disembodied entities spend a night of eternal torments, which they themselves created, and is very heavy for the experiment began: in it we experience emotions materials were very difficult to digest, then equally difficult to leave; Hell is described by many religions, but it's more emotional states not exceeded that of torture inflicted by other entities, even if such beings exist and perpetrate horrific raids, even in our reality.

The astral is attended by the following entities are divided as follows:

     The Living
     The Dead
     I Not Human
     the artificial

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