Beings who live on the astral plane


Beings in the astral plane

The description of what the lives of the astral world, was usually relegated to the esoteric as it is written in this field that interested, at least that was the thought until the rise of New Age, which led to the public layman, the 'interest and some information, often garbled or incomplete, the industry spirituality and magic.

Here, as promised in my other article, I will try to explain, very succinctly, the argument that has so affected those who came in contact with the theories and esoteric ceremonies, but the argument would require a whole treatise to be exposed properly.

I trust I shall be sufficiently descriptive in spite of the confined space; good start.

The astral plane is interesting for those of us who are not beginners in these studies, and for which a clear understanding of its mysteries can often be of great importance, not only because it enables us to understand many of these phenomena in seances , in haunted houses, etc., which would otherwise be inexplicable, but also because it enables us to protect ourselves and others from possible danger.

The first contact with this region is extraordinary in several ways, some only once in their lives, under the action of specific influences become sufficiently sensitive to detect the presence of one of its inhabitants, and perhaps, since this experience is not repeated , arriving in time to believe that at that time were victims of hallucinations, others are increasingly seeing or hearing things that those around them are deaf or blind and still others, and this is perhaps the most common experience of all, they begin to remember more and more clearly what they have seen or heard on other planes during sleep.

Among those who study these issues, some seek to develop the astral sight by crystal balls or other methods, while those who have the inestimable advantage of being under the direct guidance of a qualified teacher, will be conducted the first time in that plane under his special protection, which will continue until, through the use of various tests, he is determined that the student is protected from those hazards, and those terrifying experiences that could possibly meet. But, in any way from happening, the first real perception that we are all in the middle of a big world full of active life, which most of us nevertheless is completely unconscious, may not only be the beginning of memorable epoch in the life of a man.

So abundant and so multifaceted is the life of the astral plane, the first impression we have is absolutely amazing for the inexperienced, and even the most experienced investigator is not an easy task to classify and catalog groped. If an explorer of some unknown tropical forest were asked not only to give a full account of the country that has gone through, with accurate details of plants and minerals of the place, but also to specify the gender and species of all the myriad of insects , birds, reptiles and animals that he has seen, he might well shrink, frightened by the size of the company.

All those who see this plan fully agree that groped to provide, to those whose eyes are still closed, a vivid picture of this astral scenery, is like talking to a blind man's wonderful variety of colors of a sunset.


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