Aura and the astral plane


Aura and the astral plane

We must first realize that every material object, including the single-particle has its astral counterpart, and this counterpart is itself not a simple body, but an extremely complex structure, being composed of various types of astral matter. In addition, every living creature is surrounded by an atmosphere of its own, called aura, and in the case of human beings this aura forms in and of itself a very fascinating branch of study.

It is visible as a mass of oval luminescent highly complex structure, and because of its shape is sometimes called the auric egg. Readers of Theosophy will hear with pleasure that from the earliest stages of its development the student begins to acquire this astral sight, and he is able to confirm to himself, through direct observation, precision teaching given to us by our great founder, Madame Blavatsky, on at least some of the seven bodies of man.

I omit here the description of the different auric bodies of the human body as the subject under discussion here, it may already be too complex, and the discussion would be affected, we can say, without going into detail, that the different auras are nothing but different levels of emanation called Soul, and will be fully understood before, out of body ritual studies or practical, worth almost sure chance to run the dangers in dealing with the matter pretty esoteric.

That said, the human aura, or more commonly only one part of it, is often one of the first astral objects seen by the untrained, although in these cases it is natural that his view is probably mistaken.

Despite the aura Kamica, due to the brilliance of its colored flashes, may often be more conspicuous, the ether nervous and the etheric double are of a type of matter much more dense, strictly speaking within the limits of the physical plane, even if invisible to ordinary sight: this type of aura is called, or we refer to it often, with the nickname of "etheric double", which is nothing but that which is identified by psychics who call him "the spirit of the deceased" even If the definition is not correct, but we need to make you understand the topic.

In the composition of the etheric double must enter a part of all the different grades of etheric matter, but the proportions may vary greatly and are determined by several factors, such as race, the sub-race, the kind of man, as well as its individual karma. Remembering that these four subdivisions of matter are made of numerous combinations, which in turn, form aggregations that enter into the composition of the atom of so-called "elements" of the chemistry, it will be evident that this second man's body is very complex, and that its number of possible combinations is virtually infinite, so that, however complicated and unusual Karma of a man may be, its constituents may provide a model under which a body can be formed exactly appropriate.

Some readers may argue that the descriptions provided by most people who occasionally receive psychic flashes of the astral world are not so complex, nor are given in this way by the entities that manifest themselves in seances, but this is readily explained. Few people not prepared to move on that plane, during life or death, they see things as they really are until after a practice very long, even those who see fully are often too surprised and confused to understand or remember: and in the small minority of those who fail to see is that you remember, there is hardly anyone who can translate memories into language on our lower level.

It must also be remembered that the inhabitants of the astral plane, be it human or elemental, are under ordinary circumstances conscious only of the objects of that plan, since the matter is completely invisible to their physical, the astral matter as it is for the majority of human Human flesh tones.

It can be said in passing that the communication on the astral plane is limited by the knowledge of the entity, just like here on earth. A person can move freely on that plane can communicate with any human entity more readily and more rapidly than on land, by means of mental communication, while the people themselves do not usually seem to be able to exercise this ability, but appear to be affected by same limits that reign on earth, though perhaps less rigid. The result of this is that they are associated, as here, gathered in groups on common factors, such sympathies, beliefs and language.

In the astral there is also what is commonly called Akasha, or simply a "library" of all that has happened, it was thought, said and done since the beginning of time.

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