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Electromagnetic Waves biological effects

The following paper was written by Mariella Nicoletti
Medical Researcher and Manager DasMeLab University Federico II of Naples

There are now many data documenting the ability of non-ionizing radiation (NIR) to influence the living organisms and biochemical molecular mechanisms of cells both in vitro and in vivo effects are not dependent on thermal phenomena. Many experimental studies on cultured cells have helped to shed light on possible biological mechanisms that underlie human disease caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, radiofrequency and microwave.
Recent studies have shown that the NIR affecting the metabolism and cell proliferation by inducing harmful effects enhancements in all cellular compartments, from the cytoplasmic membrane are altered in which the distribution of proteins, to the cytoplasm and the nucleus in which the NIR activate a series of events cascade involving intracellular enzymes (signaling) and molecules of cell growth regulation. Particularly relevant seem to be the data flows on the modulation of calcium ions by the NIR.

The effects of NIR on the control of the activation of hormones, the expression of enzymes, growth regulators and on the chemical inducers that promote cancer have stimulated numerous investigations on the role that this type of radiation could play in the control of cell growth both in normal and pathological.
For biological reasons, children are more sensitive than adults to environmental hazards: global two-thirds having causes of preventable environmental disease affecting children. Age is a factor in environmental risk because all the processes of absorption and metabolism is accelerated in childhood, while the vulnerability of tissue exposure to various substances in the environment is far greater than in adults.
In addition, children are exposed to environmental risk since even small or even before birth as they absorb pollutants already in the stage of gestation.
According to several epidemiological studies chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields has been associated with the increase in childhood leukemia with very weak magnetic fields, lower this to 0.2 mT (microTesla).

The electromagnetic fields and then must be counted among the contaminants potentially at risk to human health and especially of the child.
I started by studying the influence of electromagnetic fields on blood. Red blood cells are the blood cells responsible for the transport of oxygen from lungs to tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. The hemoglobin contained in the nuclei of red blood cells is the substance that does this move, thanks to the iron it contains, which gives these cells their color.
The iron can be magnetized in two ways, or by contact with a magnet, or the effect of an electromagnetic field. An electromagnetic field is generated when electricity flows in a wire wound in a coil. All of us are surrounded by a large number of these fields.

Some are emitted by radio and television stations, radar antennas, cellular repeaters, and others, we have them at home: radio, clock radios, electric blankets, microwave, TV, computers, other equipment with cathode ray tubes, mobile phones and cell phones, walkie talkies, fax machines, video games, neon lamps, electronic appliances and even the electric wires. From TV and computer screens out large amounts of ions and electrons, which are deposited on the tissues, organs and the higher energy centers, the most delicate of the whole energy system. The list is not exhaustive.
These camps run all around to our rooms and create electromagnetic fields can magnetize the iron and therefore the red blood cells. The phenomenon of electric blood has been studied by doctors and researchers. (Subtle Energies - Roberto Zamperini)
With the microscope in dark field is observed as an effect of pollution by electromagnetic fields on the blood, a stack of red blood cells (Fig. n. 2).


As is known, the red blood cells contain the iron atoms. There are good reasons for assuming that the red blood cells can be electrified and magnetized, attracting each other, forming one-cells and thereby increasing the ESR.
The ESR measures the blood flow: the higher the ESR, less fluid is blood. When the blood is magnetic, the values of the ESR rise. Generally, a high ESR is interpreted as an indication of infection. But in the case of the magnetic blood the ESR may be high without that both in the presence of any infection. Result of the blood is both a magnetic its lower fluidity, is a decrease in its ability to transport energy to the cells, tissues and organs. The effects of electric and magnetic blood may be anxiety, tachycardia, depression, weakness, hypertensive crisis, and other seemingly inexplicable symptoms.
We can easily imagine that when red cells are magnetized, they congestionino also filters the blood, liver, kidney, spleen, lungs and skin.

Many disturbances in these organs, which sometimes are not reflected clinically, should be analyzed from this angle. Cells communicate with each other through electrical and chemical exchanges, but also through the exchange of subtle vibrations. Part of the iron in the body is retained and recycled by the liver and kidneys, part is ejected. When these filters are still good, the iron is ejected congested, because it is "recognized" as the right one. Then, it may happen that the iron ejected is greater than that ingested in the diet. No integration of this mineral can eliminate the problem, if the new iron ingested in this way will in any case submitted to magnetic fields. Iron deficiency anemia will presumably mysterious as resistant to all treatments. (Subtle Energies Roberto Zamperini).

Anemia and thrombocytopenia, working on, I stumbled on the effects on the blood of Aspergillus niger, in fact, observing what happens in the blood in the presence of Aspergillus, I discovered that the images (photo # 2) I already knew the dark field microscopy on the red blood cells when exposed to electromagnetic fields, were the same due to the invasion of Aspergillus niger. From here, the deduction that the presence of electromagnetic fields in the blood can favor the growth of Aspergillus. The effects of these fungi on humans are extremely varied, ranging from anemia to asthma, cardiovascular disease.
I propose at this point an analysis of environmental risks in examinations of natural and artificial sources of pollution, detection of electromagnetic fields in high and low frequency, risk assessment on workers and patients, general and specific laboratory tests for the detection of Aspergillus .

It 's no point in bothering with the methods of traditional medicine or homeopathic medicine if you do not heal the environments in which you live or work. I find it very effective for the improvement of the environment and for the cleansing of the blood and the use of subtle bodies Cleanergy ® (energy transmutation tool) designed by Dr. Robert Zamperini, founder of 'IRES (Institute for Research on Subtle Energies ) combined with allopathic or homeopathic treatments that the patient is known to use.

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