Understanding dreams




We sleep about a third of our lives and the dream occupies a quarter of our sleep, this means that dreams cover one-twelfth of our lives, so we can realize their importance only if we learn how they can act in our lives, the dream actually serves multiple functions, offsetting some imbalances created in us during the waking state.
Informs us about our situation internally and externally, connects us with others, telepathic function predicts future events, it moves in space, gives us access to different levels of perception and introduces us to the world of the afterlife, leads us to at different levels of perception and introduces us to the world beyond.

Many say they do not dream, but it is proved that, if they did, people would go crazy. Everyone dreams, dreaming is a necessity of our psychic life.

You know a person is dreaming by the movements of the eye and eyelid, and from that information, a group of American researchers tried to wake some people as soon as they began to dream, after this treatment repeated for several nights, subjects asked to terminate the experiment, which was too traumatic, and you can find the dream activity, which is essential to their balanced.

But then why we do not remember their dreams they do?

The causes are many, one of the first is the natural fear, atavistic as it were, in fact unconscious fear all that is unknown and irrational, as well as fear the darkness and madness, but we must come to terms with the unconscious, which is an important part of our life and our behavior.
Tobacco use is a daily example of an irrational act well established and widely accepted, as well as the use and abuse of drugs and other substances to relax the mind more than the body, because our being, not living in an idyllic society, is subjected to excessive pressure, both mental and physical,

To this is added the natural fear caused by contact with the unknown, and the unconscious is the unknown par excellence because it dwells in the depths of ourselves, all that is mysterious, magical, and premonitory impalpable is heard by reason as a danger.

Modern science, which had at first claim to suppress completely the mystery, has contributed to ban everything that is irrational and keep the dream in an atmosphere of suspicion, fortunately, Freud and Jung have had the courage to immerse themselves in the field of the unconscious confused, staged in a dream, to bring to light the contemporary soul that threatened, ignoring, of naufragarvi.

This does not prevent some, even today, are appalled by the mystery, a kind of phobia against microorganisms psychic. They like to believe that science has an answer for everything (very reassuring) and prefer to ignore the mystery that surrounds us. since they are shy people, which would be enough to open the door to dreams to become gradually courageous, in this case they only want to remember, and dreams do not abandon more.

The dreams are forgotten for the habit of thinking that they are not useful, in fact almost all adults have small experience of dreams but, having no understanding of the meaning, they saw them as an aside childish and continued to believe that dream activity is, in fact, meaningless, and this attitude has created these persdone in the habit of forgetting his dreams during sleep.

The third reason why you forget the dreams is that you do not know how we should wake up to preserve them: remember the dream does not survive it in for a rude awakening.

There are also dreamers tireless, able to spam or every morning dreams-river, dripping with detail, it is often people who, in the waking state, talking non-stop and they take very naturally the same behavior during sleep: a flow dream images corresponds to a verbal flow in waking life, Perls calls this superabundance "mental diarrhea" or persdone trying to escape from the reality that they live every day with the dream life, UNPO as they do nowadays through certain types of Social very popular.

Even people who have a light sleeper dream a lot, because the drowsiness keeps the emergency threshold of dreams, in any case, for them as for all the great dreamers, it is better to focus on the dreams of the dawn, which are the most significant, if not, they could get lost in a babel of images and not having enough time to study a material too abundant.


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