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Waking consciousness is based on reason, the dream consciousness of the soul's reaction to the beings and events that affect our destiny, dream consciousness has no direct ties to the rational consciousness and memory, to remember the dreams, it is assumed that Establish a link between the two states of consciousness, while asleep is a bridge and its function is to recall the dreams from one bank to another.

Ideally, you should write, still numb from sleep, the sequences evoked by each word without correcting, omit or interpret anything as most are accessed in the waking state most dreams fade away. It is said that dreams do not survive to the south, and, apart from exceptional cases, it is true.
Many who do not remember their dreams go up with a start, canceling ipso facto the threshold point, as can happen with the wake-up call that is the worst saboteur of dream recall, but the autosuggestion can easily get rid of it, establishing the habit of waking up five minutes before you play.

If, when you wake up, dreams are slow to emerge, try to change the location: the dreams made sleeping on the "left side", for example, appear more accessible to consciousness when you take that position, and if the blurred memory persists , forget it. With a little 'luck, the sight of an object will trigger the memory of the dream we strive to evoke, in fact it is not uncommon that the soul can make use of images recorded the next day, this kind of' levy 'on the future is natural for the unconscious, that you often used to ensure that a dream affiori consciousness.
On the edge of sleep coming emerge dreams of the previous one, in this case it would be annoying to get up to write them down, but you just impose a keyword to remember until the next morning.

Write down your dreams is a win-win that we must get used, otherwise we risk forgetting at least ninety percent of our heritage and dream without the possibility of recovery Giacchè some dreams we do after more nights are related to each other, and their Concatenation is crucial to be able to understand.
Record your dreams also allows us to get the distance needed to interpret the dreams too "fresh" carry easily a suggestion that obstructs the reverse engineering. their real meaning becomes clear, at times, long after the actual occurrence.

The writing gives dreams objectification necessary to study them, we can only note the most important dreams, but how to recognize them? "If it is a very significant dream you will feel obligated to tell it to others." Become important dreams when the unconscious wish, at any cost, get in touch with us and understand is essential, since they provoke in us a deep emotion that cherish the memories for years, and transcribe it is still necessary to maintain those details that, in the long run, would inevitably lost.

An excess to avoid is "chasing" dreams transcribing as you have, this, of course, if it is not an important dream, because it would be equally inappropriate to wait to act, lamps dreams. They are sources of information, not full listings of directives and guidelines for behavior in the life of every day.

Another practical suggestion is that before you think about the symbolic interpretation of a dream should examine the literal sense, if, for example, you dream of losing teeth ask yourself if it is not appropriate to go to the dentist, and if you dream of your machine with a flat tire, you should check into reality.

The literal meaning does not prevent the dream of covering a symbolic meaning, on the contrary, a real toothache can lead us to dream of losing a tooth, the problem falls within the field of dentistry, but not the dream involves a symbolic value less.

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