Recurring dreams


recurring dreams


Artemidorus of Daldi reminds us that man knows, since the dawn of time, the phenomenon of dream ricorrente.Ripetiamo something when we have not been included, and the dream behaves the same way, in fact when a situation is not satisfactory because there is no appearance essential content of the unconscious, the unconscious process resumes symbols already in use.

We must distinguish two types of recurring dream: the first is that we do sporadically since childhood, whenever we are going to live or live a distressing situation, especially in a period of change.

Everyone brings in dreams your personal image of anguish, typically the image is that of a narrow passage, it is possible that the dream image of individual distress to re-tie the unconscious memory of anxiety aroused by birth, from the moment you engage in the cervix before the trauma of coming to light, this kind of dream reflects anxiety that everyone can find the cause in his present life.

The other category of recurring dreams covers a shorter period of our lives, from a few days to several years, in these cases a dream repeats the same until we realized that we must change our way of life or just our attitude, a Once you have made your choice, the dream was not repeated more, according to some authors, recurring dreams are always correlated with an important caveat, and for the most part is true.

These dreams refer to a rigid attitude, a sort of obstinacy, it is clear that if a soul repeats them several times is because he wants us to change, but more than the occasion itself, is the type of symbol used to indicate a their real gravity.

It may happen that the situation described symbolically in the recurring dream is reproduced as it was. If in the dream, for example, we are repeatedly involved in a fire, in which risk our lives, we must take the situation seriously and change of mind, otherwise there is the risk of being a victim of an actual fire.

The symbol of the fire is in itself a sign of something serious, if not grasp a dream sign, it becomes external event and if we wait too long to understand and react, certain events become catastrophic.

Other dreams are often returned but with many variations, in this case it may then dreams of interrelated or common to all, such as flying, falling, running in slow motion, escape, and apart from their well-known sexual connotation of power and of helplessness, flying dreams or falling blind us back to the significance of high and low, announcing a period of elation or depression, it is clear that the race to slow us take you to a temporary difficulty of our progress, and if you is run, we must understand that we are trying to avoid a problem rather than face it.

The unconscious then repeats the message until we realized or changed attitude towards the issue raised by the dream. As soon as you move, the dream turns, ie its model transformations occurring on our dreams then interrelated to progressive.


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