Obe Astral Travel dream


Obe Astral Travel dream

Obe Astral Travel dream

The dream may fulfill a function telekinetic, allowing you to travel, to go away, as suggested by the two members of the term telekinesis: kinesis, movement, and paintings, which indicates distant element that can be found in words such as television, telepathy and so on. Freed from the body, the soul can escape the night, in the time of the dream, and travel on his own, perhaps you could explain in this way the impression of déjà-vu (already seen) that we have experienced in many.

Some people, in some places they have never seen but which nevertheless are able to navigate with my eyes closed, trying very clear impression of having lived in this place, they find it difficult not to think of having actually lived in a previous life .

Conduct suggests wise to accept, at least as a hypothesis, the experiences of others, even if you have not experienced personally, taking into account that you can experience all the testimonies of others and scorn is to impoverish their knowledge or pretend to limit the reality to personal knowledge.

Some continue to reject the existence of flying saucers, a phenomenon also recorded and studied seriously since 1945 and has millions of witnesses, without going through naive, it may be assumed that a large part of reality is outside the individual, if it is true we must not lose our critical sense, we must not allow them to deny the facts, as it would demonstrate excessive skepticism.

Many claim to have traveled in the astral world, they say that there is a place where you go to the spirit and describe both this and the experience gained. The conformity of the "testimonies" gives you an idea of what is astral, you should not neglect this research material, it would be a shame. Although it is not never been to China would be absurd for me to deny its existence: if I imagined the world without this country, distorcerei foolishly reality.

The hypothesis allows the spirit to discover the required availability, and that the astral world there is a hypothesis, but when we experience ourselves astral travel and comparing the data with the proofs of aItri, then the hypothesis is no longer opinion and becomes knowledge.
The evidence relating to the split and travel extracorporeal are so numerous that only a few people do not know someone who has had this experience, both in sleep and the waking state, although as in the case of flying saucers, people do not talk about willingly, if not under the constraint of discretion.

The splitting can not be proved, it should be tested, and for most people it is a dream, so to speak, the workshop, in fact doubling means leaving one's body, reduced to the essential physiological functions, and transfer the consciousness of an energy body , commonly called astral body, which is also called double because it is an exact copy of ourselves, just a little younger, slightly smaller size, thin and light as the light and air.

Certain dreams free our double Pazio that lies in the middle between the material world and the spiritual world, it is a psychic space, commonly called "astral", which is true to say more a state than a place, because in this state every place evoked by the thought immediately becomes this: the double may also create a place or environment at will, every thought is externalized in the astral substance, a kind of spiritualized matter often compared to a substance in vibration, and also because the desires and emotions will materialize, the double is also called the body of desire, and in fact the astral body is directly related to what is called the emotional body, as directly affected by the emotions that the individual test during his lifetime, and produces often many of the ills that follow the course of its existence, whether physical or psychological.

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