Dream meaning interpretation TEETH


Dream meaning interpretation TEETHDREAM MEANING THE TEETH

Here's how things stand: the teeth at the top indicate the most remarkable and important people in the house who did the dream and the downward people of lower income.


Here's how things stand: the teeth at the top indicate the most remarkable and important people in the house who did the dream and the downward people of lower income. It must be compare the mouth of a house, and teeth to those who live in it; teeth right then indicate men, those on the left women. Namely the so-called incisors, or front teeth, mean the very young, the middle-aged men canines, molars old. Depending on the tooth so that one loses, it will be deprived of the corresponding person.

Because the teeth symbolize not only men, but also objects, you should know that the molars indicate the precious things of less value than the canines, incisors furnishings of the house, and it is logical that the fall of one or other of ' other of them announcing the loss of objects related to these categories.

But the teeth are also a symbol of the functions of life: the molars indicate the secret and which is silent, the canines visible to a few, those incisors at all obvious and which are carried out by means of voice and speech. Thus tooth decay indicates an obstacle to the functions that they match. Depending on the teeth that fall to the debtors, they indicate the return of debts: more precisely, if only one tooth to fall, will return to one or many at the same time, but if you fall a lot, the debtor must make the money to many people, or to one or more occasions and then if your teeth fall without pain, he will pay the debt by working and earning, but if he seem to feel pain, will pay by selling some items at home.

The loss of the front teeth does not allow to conclude anything by means of speeches, if it follows pain and loss of blood or pieces of meat, and this dream eliminates completely suppresses what you suggested, but if your teeth fall without pain, the project is simply deferred for the moment. To dream that all my teeth fall at the same time indicates that the house will be completely deserted, but only to those who are in good health, self-employed and those who do not exercise commerce.

The sick, this dream promises a long illness and a severe emaciation, but confirms that they will not die: in fact without teeth can not eat a food to provide strength but only of the past and decoctions, but the dead do not lose their teeth.

Merchants such a dream predicts that soon will place their merchandise, especially if you are traveling. If some teeth grow unevenly, they report that will be discord in the house of those who had the dream, because they are more willing harmoniously. How many blacks having teeth or rotten or broken dream of losing them, will be free from all adversities and from every evil and often happened to lose some of the elderly relatives. Having teeth of ivory is a good sign for everyone: men of letters indicates eloquence, the other a rich heritage. Dream of having gold teeth is favorable only to writers, because they speak as if their mouth was made of gold, the other indicates that their home will be a fire.

Dream of having teeth of wax procures a sudden death since teeth of this kind are not suitable for cutting food. Having teeth of lead or tin indicates dishonor and shame them glass or wood brings violent death. Silver teeth indicate that you earn money by means of speeches, but this dream reveals that the rich spend their money on groceries.

If you dream of losing teeth that had previously, and that him grow than others, the dream reveals a change in his life, namely a change for the better, if the second teeth are better than the previous ones, if they are in worse worse. Dream of having teeth pieces of meat or plugs or anything like that forbids speaking in case of need, and also announces unemployment, then if one dreams of taking off from the teeth of these things, stop being unemployed and do a few activities with his speeches .

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