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Meaning of Dreams: Dreaming pregnantMeaning of Dreams: Dreaming pregnant

What does it mean to dream of getting pregnant? Dreaming birth? Dreaming children? Depending on the circumstances, the dream may have different meanings ...


If you dream of being in bands and as an infant to suck milk from a woman, whether he knows it or not, will suffer a serious illness, unless his wife is not pregnant, in this case the son will look like and will be grown in the same way and if it is a woman in the dream, it promises to a daughter. If this dream is a prisoner, the fate of the load of other ills, and the fact of not being released, and certainly not without reason even the relationship with the disease in fact the children during the lactation period are still without power, and adults feed on milk when being sick can not eat normally.

Dream of having their udders full of milk does it mean for a young woman shall conceive, and bring it to completion pregnancy and give birth while a woman was old and poor that promises wealth, a rich and expenses, to a virgin in bloom promises to marriage because without a relationship with the man could not have milk, while a young girl still small and far away from the age of marriage predicts death: all that does not agree with the age meant bad, with few exceptions.

A man is poor and lacking support the dream is an omen of money and substance in abundance, so that you can nourish other people, but to an athlete, a gladiator and a sport that everyone exercising this dream predicts a disease, because only the weaker sex produces milk.

If you dream of being generated by a woman, whoever she is, should be interpreted the dream as follows: for the poor is a good sign indeed who will feed and take care of him, as happens to infants, unless it is a craftsman as he promises to inactivity, as infants do nothing and keep your hands bandaged. A rich indicates that this dream is not the master of his house, but is dominated by others against their will, because even infants are directed by others without taking any account of their desires. A man who has a wife is not pregnant, this dream means that you will deprived of his wife, because infants do not have sexual intercourse with women. In turn, for anyone who has a pregnant wife it means that a child will be born around the same as him.

For athletes this dream is rather bad: infants can not walk, or run, or are capable of breaking down another, since not even know how to stand up. For those who find themselves in a foreign land the dream means returning home, because returns to its starting point, as the newborn, or because they return to the ground, that is the fatherland, because the earth is common to all country in the same way. Who is sick it portends death, for the dead, such as infants, are wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed on the ground, and the same relationship between the beginning and the end also exists between the end and the beginning, also this dream does not allow those who wish to escape fails to do so, and that those who want to travel bait from his homeland, since infants can not avoid what you are in the way, but every time you stumble.

Processes that dream is unfavorable for the accuser, why not be able to convince the judges, because of stammering, while for those who are sued and accused, and especially for those who are afraid of being condemned, this dream free from all fear , infants receive forgiveness, even if they commit any fault.

If one feels himself to be pregnant, in the case of a poor man, and he will acquire much wealth, so as to appear full but if it is a rich, will be in torment and concerns. Who wife will remain free, as someone who does not need a woman that kinds of children, while those who are not married can happen to marry a woman so fond of, that seems to be one body and one soul with her, for all others this dream means illness. Create and give birth to a child does not have the same meaning as dream to take still in the womb: who is sick signals the imminent death, as every body in generating emits a vital spirit, and as the baby moves away from the body that contained , so does the soul. In a poor person, a debtor, a slave and who find themselves in a difficulty of any kind, indicates that this dream will be delivered from present evils, and the cause is obvious.

Also exposes the hidden things, because the child has come to light so far hidden. It also harms the rich, money-lenders, businessmen and all those who hold on trust: it will have to leave everything they had before. For merchants and sailors instead is a good sign they will find to place their goods. Many also lost relatives, to have separated from the child who had their blood.

Dream of having or generally see children, what is bad for both a man and a woman, in the case of children of their own, it is a sign of trouble, pain and worries for unavoidable reasons, since it is not possible to raise children without experiencing these things. also testifies to what an old saying that says, "Fear or pain is a son to his father all the time."
And when the dream is about men going to end well, but if it relates to the females, the outcome is worse than the beginning and promises to be an injury in fact the males when they grow up, do not take anything from their parents, while females need the dowry.

See other people's children is a good sign when they are beautiful and graceful, and have the innocence of childhood this dream reveals the occurrence of favorable circumstances, in which you can hope to accomplish anything more and get good results, because the children , although at the moment do not give practical results, once grown will be able to operate advantageously.

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