Dream relationship with her mother


Meaning of Dreams Dreaming relationship with motherDreaming relationship with mother

The discourse on the mother, as it is very diverse and has many parts and must be analyzed in detail, escaped the attention of many onirocritici, but the way things are.

Dreams interpretation: Metamorphosis


Dreams interpretation: MetamorphosisDREAMING THE METAMORPHOSIS

In dreams related to metamorphosis in the first place you should consider the amount, then the quality, on the form. With regard to quantity, when you grow up in a small or larger than life, is a good sign, as long as you do not exceed the measure of man's dreams ....

Dreams meanings: Legs, Gness and Feet


Dreams meanings: Legs, Gness and FeetDREAM KNEE, LEGS, ANKLE AND FEET

The knees should be placed in relation to the strength and virility, and the movements and actions. So if you are healthy and strong urge to get on the road and to take any other movement, and announce activities and health to those who make the dream.

Interpretation dreams: dream navel, sides


Interpretation dreams: dream navel, sidesDREAM SIDE NAVEL

The hips, abdomen and sides to the groin should be interpreted as reflecting the strength of body and substances. So if something happens to these parties, this promises to be a disease of the body and lack of livelihoods.

Dream meaning blood



Vomiting blood in large quantities, intense color and not corrupt is a good sign for the poor, because it announces earnings and surplus of money, since the money has the same value of the blood, as experts had previously recognized.

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