Matter dreaming




Matter dreaming

Matter dreaming

Most dreams are developed from perceptions accumulated in the waking state. It is often said that it is not so strange to have dreamed this or that, because if it was, for example, talked about the day before. But we must realize that at the end of a day sensory information recorded in the thousands.

Why then have isolated picture in particular if not for her perfect match with the symbol you want to reach us? And 'natural that the dream imagery is nurtured in our own daily life, nature, so lavish in appearance, proceeds in economics, he does not invent images when it is already at hand. Of each relevant image does his work material and the stages and turns as needed. The dream select perceptions on the basis of a message addressed to the dreamer, and can be auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile or visual chironomiche but above all, as we dream mainly by sight.

The order of images is based on a "logic" of feelings, setting up a confrontation with the language, in the dream images are the words and feelings syntax, and it was just a dream to confirm this, as the feelings are not rational nature , so the concatenation of the message is not always logical. There is often faced with a narrative amazing that causes embarrassment in the storyteller.

Jung recognizes that, in the dream, "(...) the images and ideas are less rational, and more incomprehensible," and explains: "(...) to a scientific spirit, how ideas symbolic phenomena embarrasses, because you can not formulate the satisfaction of our intellect and our logic. "

As absurd dream may seem, you have to write it down as it was, it demanded our submission to the psychic facts that it represents. So I dreamed of a "wagon-boat-cushion of air drawn by a horse preceded by a mechanical saw, who was traveling in the woods." A cart that is both boat and air cushion does not, at present, in our usual diagrams.

The triple vehicle can be used to travel by land, water, air. The general meaning of the dream is summed up in these words: "It does not matter that you evolve (vehicles) with difficulty (wagon), there is at this moment in you a sure instinct (horse) that radically and effective (mechanical saw) opens a way through what is not clear (forest). " The dream invites me to trust my instincts, abandon myself to my intuition to evolve at the level of the body (cart + earth), soul (boat + water) and spirit (air cushion + air).

The part of us that dream is the soul, it has its own language, the essence of which is symbolic, even though in reality does not talk, is expressed by articulate sounds have a sense of where the various languages adhere to the matter with both the sound with both the writing.

The soul does not speak, manifests, projecting messages to the outside with its own means (signs and symbols), its language transcends because of its universality, all the languages of the earth.

The soul has direct knowledge of the reality that organizes language, without using words.

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