How to translate the dreams


How to translate the dreams


You can interpret their dreams by following elementary reasoning, here is what to do in a case like this:

I planted three bird eggs in a groove of the land. The eggs were colored off-white and big as pigeon.

What is an egg? First, the mode of reproduction of a bird, and in this sense represents a possible life, it is a promise of life; sowed the eggs in the soil like grains of life in power.
But the eggs of the dream are not really birds in power, otherwise I would have laid in a nest, the brood of a bird or in an incubator, then I do not follow, in order to open the eggs and give birth to the birds, the procedure natural recourse but to join in a process plant to animal life or the life of the soul.

And what is a bird? An animal that has wings and uses them to rise from the ground and in the air, thus establishing a link between the heavens and the earth, and the messenger between the two worlds, as Mercury for the gods of mythology or the angels in ' Christian iconography, so is the human soul, which also acts as an intermediary between the earthly and the heavenly world, and since the eggs of the dream does not indicate a particular species of bird have to stick to the general idea.

To bring about the birds I refer to their mode of reproduction of plants, with the intention to bring out, like a plant, the life of my soul, I use the method to make it grow, and often gicché plants symbolize the feelings, This is the meaning: "If you hope to uplift your soul spreading worldly feelings, you're wrong."

This idea is reinforced by the atmosphere of the dream, rather than off, and Offering guests that is limited to the ground without taking into account the sky. This interpretation is confirmed by other details: eggs are off-white, a little 'gray, and a similar color does not refer to light, but the livid pallor of death, and the furrow, like a pit, recalls the burial.
Three eggs, then remember the three levels involved: the plant, the animal and the soul. The number three is always calling to find a solution, then giving too much weight to the worldly feelings I have, therefore, the proponent of the temporary death of my soul, I have to react and turn my thoughts to things that agree a more wide-ranging.

In this example we have seen:

1) The main object of the dream (the egg).
2) The main action of the dream (the sow).
3) The main feeling of the dream (off).

That is, we have responded to three questions:

1) What's this? (Object, often given the name)
2) What happens? (Action, often referred to by the verb)
3) What is it? (Feeling, often suggested by the adjective)

In general should split the first four questions concerning the central object of the dream:

1) What is self?
2) What is it to me?
3) Which group of symbols belong to?
4) What are the most significant details?

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