Dreams and Symbols


Dreams and Symbols

Dreams and Symbols

The discussion of the symbolism is not short, it is a game of the mind, it is the universal language that our souls speak and that our reason can learn.

To find the direction we need to learn to ask simple questions like a child, wondering what is a symbol that appears in the dream that we do, for example, if we dream that we are buying something dobiamo ask what it signifies the act of buying, deepening the meaning with the rest of the symbols that are presented as in a dream.

In our responses is imposed the original meaning of things, so the chains are reminiscent of the attachment, in the sense both servile and emotional, evokes the phone call, communication, clothing protection, social behavior, appearance, money energy, currency trading, the psychic forces, antiquities things of our past, house interior, security, self, fire danger, a purification, wire communications, energy, voltage nervous, insects worries, irrational, a candle vigil, a party.

But the symbols are rarely unique, for example, if the bird is usually the aspirations of the soul, it can also cover other meanings. Designating the love in the form of a dove, dove or pigeon, or death, especially if it appears as nocturnal bird or aggression, whether it is a bird of prey, or the act of writing, whether it is birds particular, as for example the goose, whose pens were used to write a time. The bird can symbolize the poet, thought, freedom, joy, sexuality, food, gods .. depending on the species represented, the context of the dream and dreamer.

If the great symbols such as fire, water, earth, being in front, being behind, etc., mean more or less the same for everyone, there are symbols that have an individual sign, but with a little 'of reflection and by asking questions very simple, each should be able to grasp the individual meaning of the various symbols.
Most dreams reveals only some of the elements of the unconscious, then it indicates to our attention that causes us to examine because it urges ricadato oblivion of unconsciousness, but in some dream is the unconscious to manifest itself with common symbols or differentiated.

With common symbols that represent it, it refers to our ability to remember, it seems that the conscious ego is not only to guide the way we fulfill our potential. With differentiated symbols of the shadow and the animus / anima, the unconscious shows us the problems to be solved in order to free the ego, this need to penetrate more clearly in dreams seems dictated by the critical moments of our lives.

The symbol of the Self differentiated directly represents the unconscious and dreams in which these symbols reveal themselves put us in touch with our higher instance, the Self: moments are full of energy that I bring to the realizations decisive.
Common symbols of the unconscious are deduced easily by the opposition with the symbols that represent the conscious, which can be symbolized by everything that is evident, outer, open, in the light, at the top, and so on, while on the contrary, of the symbol ' unconscious is everything that is closed, hidden, down, behind ... everything that is shadow, dark, dark ... Among the common symbols, the unconscious it favors some to manifest his presence, the stranger, the nature, the left side and the number four.
In the dream, the stranger or the unknown point to the presence of the unconscious, as it constitutes a "reason" interior that remains obscure.

The neighboring countries or their inhabitants are symbols of unconscious contents, located at the border of the conscious, while the inhabitants of distant countries or bring us new content and mysterious.

A foreign language, it happens in a dream, indicates a relationship with the unconscious: If the mother tongue symbolizes the conscious, the second language is that of the unconscious and shows the approach of an unconscious content and a willingness to dialogue, while a language completely unknown to the author of the dream testifies to the difficulty to engage in dialogue.

Nature is another symbol of the unconscious, especially when it appears in opposition to all that is man-made, from his conscious and his reason.
This symbol is intended to confirm with us the existence of parameters as natural reason and conscious life, and at the same time indicates that the nature of the unconscious self flourishes within us, just as the external nature evolves independently of the attention that carry them. We can cultivate this inner nature, do not deny it or mutilate it, and as external phenomena, we must strive to understand the unconscious contents before intervening, because, if the unconscious urges our collaboration, it seems having to account for anything, nor its maturation requires our direct action.

Two great images of nature are often in the dream the unconscious that the earth and the water, the earth is our physical medium, the raw material of the unconscious, and its mystery, which is right under our feet, evokes the depth and uncertainty, all beings that flourish on its surface symbolize many different unconscious contents and subject to our attention so that they can integrate into the conscious, we must find the hidden meaning. Stones, plants, trees, animals, insects, and natural phenomena are recurring images in dreams and enclose an unconscious meaning to decipher.

Metals and glass, jewelry depths, symbolize far more content but also the most fundamental.

As there are more familiar images are linked to the land of unconscious content closer to us than the aquatic images. The water fluid matter and indefinite in form, evokes the soul who goes in search of herself, the unconscious also ready understanding of the conscious to determine some of its borders.

Such as land, water, relies on our perspicacity images from his unconscious contents in the form of animals and plants that live whales, dolphins, turtles, fish, crustaceans, algae, corals, and so on, these beings dream swim or pressing to our conscious. Are parts of the unconscious that are defined in the course of their journey towards conscious: they are reflected in the dream and expect that we recognize to materialize in our lives, while the earth is the substance of the unconscious, water evokes the dynamism . Matter and energy are two aspects of the unconscious whose combination allows many specific details as there are beings of earth and water.

In contrast to the right which is the conscious, the left or moving to smistra symbolize the unconscious, going left generally indicate that an unconscious content is on track to rejoin the conscious.

The number four and its multiples (eight, twelve, sixteen ...) are all signs of the proximity of the unconscious, and not only those sequences of numbers, but all that is square has four sides or four areas, four elements , everything that is "quaternity", as Jung says, this is because the four is the human totality.
The man is incomplete until he is able to integrate the unconscious, is the spirit which is exercised by the thought, the body that is exercised with the sensation, it is soul that is exercised through feelings, but also "soul" that receives completeness its Relation to the Unconscious.

The total man contains two opposing worlds that correspond, as the body's sensations allow him to explore the outside world and to become aware of the thought of the spirit, so the feelings of the soul allow him to explore the inner world and to become aware of with intuition, that is, the way in which the spirit takes possession of unconscious content. This reality of the two floors of the four means of exploration in our possession is perfectly represented in the square.

The four also returns in the four constituent elements of the outside world, as well as the Greeks conceived of them: earth, water, air and fire.
The land, property without the action of fire, air or water, symbolizing our substance, our body.
The water, which is always in motion and fertile land to bring forth life, represents the dynamism of our existence, of our soul.

The air, which is more subtle and serves as a mediator between heaven earth, is the image of the conscious spirit, the wind indicates the movement of ideas and the presence of the Creator Spirit.
The fire element transforming heat and light, indispensable and terrible, is the image of the deity. Electricity is a modern version of it, and our fourth function, that is in contact with the unconscious itself in communication with the gods.

.The number four symbolizes the unconscious in its meaning of the fourth dimension. The man lives in a three-dimensional world and I guess a fourth, invisible but no less real and no less essential to its completeness, which is why the four, square or whatever they evoke depict the inclusion of the unconscious, without which there is no human totality.

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