The way of the search of the spirit


The way of the search of the spirit

Several papers have been written over the past twenty years, many of them I could see and study, as well as put them into practice for checking the truth, but, to date, hundreds of thousands of people do not know what the energy, except when they go to pay their bill the utility company!

No wonder this reality, since thousands of years ago, only those who belonged to certain centers of initiation, could have access to certain esoteric knowledge.
In modern books, however, while being a wealth of information at that level, often, if not all, there are many omissions, leaving the unwary investigator, at the mercy of possible problems often recently, often threatening to leave, the speech . Who has not heard about the laying on of hands or reiki or pranic healing, or topics like that?

These are just some "schools of thought" on the subject of this writing, but I am referring to something much older, something that has remained uncorrupted over the millennia, something that for the most part, I was taught by I thank my entity, as well as thank all those people in my life, came to take the concepts that I could not find in any written or even find in my research or my experiments.

We now continue the discussion: research carried out by millennia of philosophers and esoteric, or magi, if you prefer, have made it possible to discover the true energy of Creation, through which, now as before, thousands of people may face, whether driven by a healthy desire for inner growth, the long avenue of spiritual rebirth.
Nothing wants to take you to the knowledge of those who, in recent decades, wanted to share it with others, but often without any experience reliable and secure, even from the standpoint of energy, which is often shrouded phrases and theories buoniste very fashionable, especially related to the New Age movement (significant new era), but that often led to people not ready for true inner changes in behavior that simply reflected the old ways of thinking, hidden only by new words, which remained empty or sterile.

Real changes require real inner turmoil internal to themselves, which cause pain, insecurity, instability, especially if you do not have a guide ready, and you do not belong to the culture of which we are actively involved on a spiritual level, we make an example : If you were born and raised in a society we say to the Jewish background, you will never fully understand, a religion or a philosophical movement tied to the American Indians.

And this not only for the fact that Indians (then we should see which tribe will you redo) had and have a holistic view of the universe, but also because they do not know the language, customs, etc., and this will put more a situation of chaos also and especially mentally.
You had, in short, to be frank, a mess, mixing things in your culture with topics, ways of thinking and acting, belonging to another: I am convinced that, to a certain point, to allow species to learn about another culture, it is possible for anyone to be interested and immersed in the customs and manners of a certain civilization.

In recent years, has always gone out of fashion, the interest in Tibetan culture, with Buddhism, by the Western industrialized nations: the thing is beautiful, but unfortunately has created people who say they are Buddhist, just because he could pass off as such without having to feel controlled by any religious figure, able to live, for better or for worse, as you want without guilt.
This is not right, but not because I say so because I do not have anyone I admire those who, born into a culture where you do not recognize, wants to look his way, and taking responsibility for his actions, but you do not stand certain discourses on religion (this writer has abjured all religions created by humans, only to find her, while accepting those of others), covered only by personal reasons or trivial fashion.

Let's take a practical example: if one tells me to belong to Buddhism, and I do have a question on that HIS religion, and he did not know the answer, what do I think?
If I ask a Catholic to tell me about the 12 commandments, and he says he does not know how, what do I think?
Do not make me the talk of "I am a believer but non-practicing", please, why is the excuse of those who want to keep up appearances without bothering to say what he thinks really.
Now, after these reflections, with which you can not agree, basically say you are free .... mah, let's talk about it so far treated more specifically.
From the figure above, you can see how, yogis, yoga practitioners, or if you prefer, have outlined the "circuit" man's energy (even if it consists of many more chakras than those that are presented in various written or from various masters or pseudo ones), to aid visualization of the followers, to better understand the structure of the subtle bodies.

The special meditations, connected to each chakra (energy chakra = wheel) make it possible for those who do, get to know each other for himself, sondarsi, change itself (at least as far as possible), so they need training and guidance by people really prepared and that you only have to possess knowledge, as happens more often than you think.
The knowledge base energy is mainly here, in fact, in the techniques of meditation on the chakras, there are special symbols, which often lead to find ways unplumbed by the majority, it follows that the study should proceed with sure-footed and slow, not to risk the dangers that, as said, are often not described by most operators. The symbolism is, in effect, divine language, since it can be understood by every living being (of course if you have the foundation to do so, however, if we look well, the study of symbols, reflects the study of any existing language in created).
Each operator (term used to denote a person who not only interested in the esoteric sciences, or the like, know also put into practice what has really studied or says he studied) must be able to understand the divine language, it must understand how best to act , to restore balance to the person who is trying to help: If an operator does not know, at least a basic level, the sacred language, how will he be able to communicate effectively with entities that normally affect healing?
Unfortunately, nowadays, there are people who say they know how to help others, without knowing a huge amount of materials needed to do it the right way: always valued operators in front of you, cajole you and stop by people who know just use the language and be able to incensarvi stealing time, but more importantly, money.

Know that, and this is most often omitted in speech, not to scare the customer by "plucking" when a person really wants to recover from various problems, facing things that buried itself in the self, only so, if he wins the test itself will be free to proceed in life, and grow inwardly.
With this, I conclude by saying that if in ancient times, the way of the spirit, it was not for everyone, there was definitely a reason: even those who undertook the research has its sacred inner problems, because you never stop growing, but the difference lies in his attitude. Remember my words and think.

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