The Pyramids


Giza Pyramids Egypt

Giza Pyramids Egypt

The pyramid is an enormously powerful geometric structure, known to most people thanks to the Egyptian buildings, and those of the Maya.
Always, they have attracted the imagination of people around the world, thanks to researchers from each country, who have probed the secrets hidden in them, is that construction of religious significance or not.

In many years, have experienced, thanks to scale models, that is built bought individually, the enormous potential of the pyramid and emerged often changed in their beliefs.
Pyramidology is a technique that exploits precisely this potential energy, to go to strengthen the body (both animals, plants or humans), is to treat that to experience altered states of consciousness necessary to achieve the achieving an awakened consciousness staff.
The pyramid is a three-dimensional radionic circuit, which in addition to the energy normally used by each circuit, utilizes the energy of the cosmos and the geomagnetic activity.

The direct experience of the potential of pyramidal shape, gives direct access to knowledge of different entities, depending on your personal spiritual preparation, but still able to surprise people: staying in it lying down, as in the photo above, you perceive the energetic movements in the body, moments of timelessness, disappearance of pain in the body, meeting spiritual entities energy, and much more.

Who then-esoteric yogic breathing exercises, has infinite possibilities derived from its preparation higher than those, however is not accustomed to certain topics, but use the pyramid to care for their loved ones or yourself, you do not need of everything.
A smaller building, so easy to keep at home, may serve well for the energy load of water, which can later be taken in case of need, or give the plants that need help in difficult times.

In ancient times, the Egyptian pyramids, at least one defined by Cheops, was used for the purpose of initiation and not as grave, as people would have believed for decades: the sarcophagus in the King's chamber, served as the initiate, to lie down inside.
Going in there three days, the dark, with no one, with the lid fell through breathing techniques learned during his apprenticeship, he went out from his body, to travel to parallel dimensions, where she met the unknowable, and come back changed, profoundly differently, would have experienced a new birth.

Now, in the pyramid of Cheops, one can not experience this event, because the authorities no longer allow anyone to remain inside it during the night (because in the past took strange events ....), except in the case of having all necessary authorizations from the local authorities and the Cairo Museum, and the thing is not so simple.
Who, according to the writings of the initiated, accessed the proof of rebirth, or came as a man spiritually elevated, or died from fright, or crazy: there were no second chances to those who decided, once there the right time, to address proof of the Touch of God

The pyramids above depict some things that can be implemented with this structure, and a pyramid built by itself, according to standard measures, of course, to scale, of the pyramid of Cheops.
On the left picture, charging water, which will be used for various purposes, whether for indoor and outdoor use, as mentioned before.
In the bigger picture, however, will fit together for drying plants, or organic materials to keep: always remember to orient one side of the pyramid on the North-South, otherwise its energy it is significantly weakened, until it is canceled, in many cases.

Remember, also, to respect the safety rules, such as where to hold the building and what to keep to a minimum distance from it so it will adversely affect its function.
While the pyramid with the water is a structure of a pyramid, that is, does not have closed walls, the second is constructed of cardboard (the one of the cartons for instance) which, while not being the best material, however, serves the needs of the experiments, in fact the first structure is used only for certain purposes, the other other.

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