Shamans and Shamanism


Shamans and Shamanism

Those of you who have never heard of shamanism, shamans, sorcerers, and the like?
The word shaman and medicine man, are interchangeable, since ancient times were the same type of individual who, by techniques related to the elements and nature, cared for, guided, taught, counseled people who were entrusted to him.

Only with the advent of monotheistic religions, we began to see the shaman and to attribute negative powers conferred by the spirits of evil, but things were never like this.
The term witch doctor, is used in the West, even today when you watch a movie, we see that the wizard is portrayed as evil, one who sacrifices children or innocent, but it is only religious propaganda.

The shaman, belongs to that class of individuals who sees everything and being who lives in creation, inhabited by a spirit, and acts by its sensitivity to bring balance there where some wrong action, against the natural order, has led to disruption .
Ceremonial drums, rattles, shells, bones, rocks and stones, medicinal herbs, do not serve other than to concentrate the spiritual power of the shaman to the finish line which aims, treat, cure, help, not to bring evil into the world: how says a person dear to me "the world does not need to add another evil, with all there is."
Shamanism is a polytheistic religion falsely, because every shaman knows that behind everything there is one Mind, one great being, who created all things, all-sustaining, but the antagonists of the monotheistic religions falsely say otherwise, just because they want to attract newcomers to their belief: just as an example, let's look at the Catholic religion.
Is said to be monotheistic (for those who do not know this word means "belief in one God, and honor him only"), but if we look at how many saints, saints, angels, not to put in the list even Jesus and Mary, who now count more than the Creator, we note that monotheism is not that much!

So what's the difference between polytheistic and monotheistic belief?

Only a veil of ignorance, falsehood and hypocrisy, to name just one, in antiquity, who was endowed with spiritual power, was often depicted with horns, but I seem to recall that in the Vatican, there is a painting that depicts St. Peter who, instead of the halo, has horns ....!
It 's amazing! Want to see that even in the vatican are polytheistic animists or even?
No, I joke, I am what I want to be, I do not care at all: But the painting that I just mentioned there, there, and do not believe those who claim that it was a mistake, or worse, a joke of the painter, because who is that person who would joke with his life?
Yeah, because in those days, the Church of Rome was not very kind to those who thought differently from you ... alive the Christian charity.
The nature, if not thousands of years by millions of years, has always been generous with lessons for the human being, and should be recognized as the only true church of all religions, who want to really teach spirituality to people.

Thanks to an elitist mentality, derived from the teaching that man is the master of creation, the gift Divine, which led us to desecrate our environment, after which people of various walks of life, gave way to that aphorism, they felt free to defile, rape, destroy, the environment, why, then, was the master of all, up to the present day, where he also claims to be the masters of those who work under us .... As the man fell down!

In shamanism it teaches respect for all life, for every living thing or not, the rules for living a healthy and balanced harmony of compliance with the laws of nature, until you come to understand that no one is separated from the Whole, and if a species disappears, it is a great loss for everyone.
All the battles to save endangered species, often but not always, simply a desire to conceal income, take the wrong path in action: Instead of just putting guards in defense of those animals or plants, why not educate people to better respect for nature and all beings that inhabit it?

Nature is sovereign, man, no matter how technologically advance, will always be a grain of sand compared to you: think, think, think.
It is not necessary to be vegetarian to respect it, you just act according to His rules, and really give respect to creatures, or "preach well, but razzoleremo evil."

People meditate, ponder ..... As a musician said.


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