What is the Pendulum


What is the Pendulum

The pendulum, the subject intriguing, full of mystery and magic, has always been used for special research (for example, find water, metals, oil, lost objects, bodies, missing persons, etc.), made of various materials, depending on the type research that is done, or depending on the tastes of its users.
In recent years, this object, it is gradually perfected, going to add other types according to the figure, so as to be able to perform special work with less effort, more precisely, with more options for action by the dowser.

Basically, any excess weight, hanging from a black thread of cotton or a thin chain of the same metal, can serve very well to the commuter rail, everything is the sensitivity of the researcher and his willingness to use it.
For heavy, though, as we said earlier, it is necessary to use special materials, chosen on purpose, for not going to affect your research to be performed.

The best material is to be brass, this from studies done in the last fifty years, because it is easier to purify or disengage from the energies with which it comes into contact during use, and has basically states that its energy matrix can affect the answers.
The weight of the pendulum or pendulum should not be too onerous, this may not only result in over-the operator, call it, "divination", or too weak not to be too sensitive.
But this depends on who uses it and his personal peculiarities.

The pendulum acts just like the divining rod and the biotensor, an antenna, visually increasing the movements of the body itself, obtaining answers to specific research: just as an antenna, it should be tuned to the right wavelength, eliminating as much as possible any interference of various kinds, which may develop, and go to adversely alter the answers.
Pendulums were found a little 'round the world, including Egypt (inside a tomb), in archaeological sites of Celtic-Druidic culture, in China, so its use is lost in the labyrinth of time.

The most important thing to use this tool so fascinating about the inner disposition, which must produce calmness, tranquility, absolute lack of expectations about outcomes research (otherwise, the answers may be guided by their feelings), and total confidence in their inner sensory abilities.
Who fails to possess these three skills, while using this tool, it can never achieve impressive results, nor truthful with the pendulum.

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