The oracles and divination techniques


The oracles and divination techniques

The oracles and divination techniques, used for millennia by men, trying to peer into the Book of Destiny of God, but because every person and every culture is different, and cultures and there are many people in the world, the techniques are almost infinite, but still are based on guidelines restricted.
Below, I will present some systems of divination, some no longer used, still others applied by a few people who know them thoroughly.

  •  Achilleomanzia divination practiced in China, known as an oracle of the I Ching, where use of yarrow stalks, through a long and complicated ritual.
  • Haruspicy Etruscan divination par excellence, which uses an examination of the entrails of animals sacrificed to the gods, to get responses. In this technique, it was often considered the liver (preferably technique used by the Greeks and Chaldeans).
  •  Astragalomanzia it is used with the knucklebones or dice for prophecies, it was much used in ancient Greece and Rome. Astragalus is the largest tarsal bone of man and other animals, they also built with nuts, in fact.
  • Astrology is the observation of planets and stars, matter in principle to know the character of a person, but also to verify the affinity of torque (thanks to the comparison of the birth charts of belonging to the couple): you just have to decide what kind of astrology give body and soul, immersed in his study, the range of information needs to be studied for several years, and you must decide which school to rely on astrology, because there are Chinese, Indian, Arabic, who have very few things in common.
  • Greetings and Wishes priests were the augurs of ancient Rome who were interested to see the future and draw responses by studying the flight, the cry, the meal and bird behavior.
  • Bibliomania divination by means of a holy book (Bible, Vedanta, the sacred writings of various ethnic groups), in Europe, the Middle Ages, opened the Bible with a gold pin, anywhere, and then read the first line of the right to obtain the response.
  • Caffeomanzia still widely used, it should benefit from the ritual of coffee made with a system similar to turkish, to read the funds, scanning the images that can be formed in the cup.
  • Psychics who have never heard of, to date, the major arcana and minor arcana? Cartomancy, takes advantage of reading the cards. While the minor arcana is said they were invented in France around 1700, creating 4 groups of 4 cards with different suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades), the major arcana, date back to Egyptian initiatory schools, so much need of time to be learned to use divination, however, since the reading is by deciphering the ancient symbols of its composition.
  • Capnomanzia is the study of smoking, and therefore of its movements and drawings that may form while the lever upward, generated by the combustion of sacrificed animals (as was the case in antiquity) or by the combustion of seeds, leaves of plants or sacred incense (olibanum), who sacrifices himself to the Entities of light, to receive advice and answers.
  • Catoptromanzia divination that uses mirrors (hence the name derived from the greek meaning càtoptron mirror, in fact) or crystals (but these were used only later because of their high cost of old, and their difficulty of operation) to Dull surface knowledge or the power of second sight, and be able to divine on various topics.
  • Palmistry art that studies the lines of the hand to discover the future and the past of a person.
  • Ancient geomancy divination, of which the origins are lost, which yields the use of special designs for divination, once obtained through a long ritual and preparation.
  • Hydromancy other ancient technique of divination, which makes use of a water surface, through which, the seer, looking to go deep meditative state, thus paving the way for the second view.
  • Random lithomancy this technique makes use of stone throwing (ordinary stones, precious or semiprecious stones) to read the future, studying the figures that form and, well, divine.
  • The study of numerology significance of numbers and their connections with the major arcana, has given birth to this art that, through the transformation of names and words into numbers, can provide responses to those who use it, if he has a thorough knowledge of the symbolism of numbers, of course.
  • Oniromanzia one of the oldest techniques used in the remote past, particularly by the Greeks, uses the normal time of sleep induced by hypnosis or hallucinatory substances, or due to natural sleep, to get answers to your questions with dreams, which can then be dissected and interpreted correctly. Do not trust the Neapolitan grimace, because the unconscious symbolism of each one is different from the others, will then serve a trained person to interpret.
  • Ostracomanzia it is the divination by the use of shells or seeds, which are thrown to obtain responses from the figures that form on the plate consultation.
  • Pyromancy read any media that use the fire (hence pyromancy, ie Manzia-divination by fire-pyr) is part of this technique: observing the movement of the flames, and using a light hypnotic state, generated by observing the long- fire, you get your responses.
  • Simbology any technique that relies on the interpretation of symbols, physical or not, falls into this semantics.

Well, some methods of divination, which I presented, but not explained, of course, because it requires serious study time.
If you want to learn anything in a few minutes or days, know that you are constantly deceiving yourselves, first of all, and then the other, which you'll want to prove your "knowledge", and I will feed your ego.

If you are interested in learning the forms of divination, those I have known: Caffeomanzia, Tarot, lithomancy, numerology, oniromanzia, pyromancy, and of course I also teach symbolism applied, need to understand that I know of divination systems, without which any system remains unusable .


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