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Place artifacts - OBJECTS OUT OF TIME

The term stands for virtually place artifacts "remains outside of any conventional logic placement, such as to undermine the vision of things that science claims to have already acquired."

The 'topic in question includes several objects "impossible", that have been found where there should have been.
The most famous, perhaps, is the geode found near Olancha, California, in the Coso Mountains, February 13, 1961, from a geological expedition led by Mike Mikesell, Wallace A. Lane and Virginia Maxey.
This geode, strangely without internal cavities, a characteristic that distinguishes these stones, presents in its interior a perfectly circular section of a hard material.
The geode was dated to at least 500,000 years ago.

Further observations on the photographs and radiographs of the specimen revealed that the object had a metallic hexagonal cross-section, an insulating material that could be ceramic or porcelain with a wire center: the main components "of a candle 'power' of a Modern internal combustion engine.
Another finding "impossible" is quoted by Charles Fort, and found myself following the blasting of a massive conglomerate rock in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1851. Among the fragments of the explosion, was identified finding a thin concave metal, next to which there was one other totally similar. It was discovered that the pieces matched perfectly with each other to form a container bell-high 11.4 cm wide, 6.3 cm to 16.5 cm at the base and top, the 'object was 3 mm thick and consists mainly of' silver.
Another finding, but for which you have very little information, is the "hammer of London", found in Texas, this object was found in a sandstone block dated 140 million years.

 Place artifacts objects out of time

A finding, or rather, "the 'shadow' of a find, however, is that more people left stunned as they are known, it is a 'fossil imprint of shoes with heels found at Antelope Springs, Utah.
Apparently, there is a shoe sole, fitted with a heel, with the printed form of a trilobite, small crustacean which lived between 300 and 600 million years ago.
The sole is 36 cm long and 8 wide, with the projection of the heel is clearly visible.
Who wore shoes that were born before the dinosaurs?
In 1851, in Massachusetts, a mineral collector accidentally broke a piece of quartz the size of a fist inside revealing a seven cm long iron nail, slightly corroded but perfectly straight and your head perfectly distinguishable.

At Bearcreek, Montana, in 1926 was found in a coal mine the ore in a block which was stuck a human tooth, namely a second lower molar, completely fossilized, identical to the tooth of a man of our age. According to the estimates of geologists, mining of coal was formed around ten million years ago.
A FRAGMENT OF STEEL identical to a drill bit was found in Scotland, in 1852, encased in a block of coal dating back to at least eleven million years ago.
A RADIO A GALENA was found on a human skeleton dating back to 2500 years ago, in a cave of Yianghe, China, by a team of archaeologists from the University of Nanking: the object is composed of two earpieces connected to a box formed by plates silver and crystal violet, which will be able to hear music that you think is a funeral song glorifying the underworld.

Objects out of place artifacts time

There are also artifacts like lamps of Dendera or battery power in Baghdad (see photo above) that should not exist, but all these are but a few, just to be sure, objects found during the last centuries, but which are is heard only recently, at least in part.
It 'possible that the authorities want to hide the fact that humanity has roots much older than we are taught in schools, and do not want people to think they are better than they think?

Science is based on indisputable facts, would otherwise expire in exactly ridiculous, if not more, than "science" that mocked the centuries, it simply based on "superstition", then the laws that support it have to be accepted into evidence and compel the servants of power, which keeps us ignorant about many issues, to change the history of mankind once and for all, making us free.

The TRUTH 'is the only true way to find and follow even at the risk of life, because it frees us from ignorance and false gods, and only then we will have a better world.

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