Energy and Chakras

Energy and Chakras

And 'by that year, philosophical and esoteric in my research, I hear from various sources, that the energy in its various and vast areas of use, is never the bearer of negativity or problems .... Pure nonsense! It's true that the energy in general is never malicious, but it is also true that an extremely high level of energy balance, can produce destabilizing effects to the chakras and the energy circuits of people, exactly what can be done by the energy negative or congested. I want to give a practical example with respect to what was said so far: imagine a person who has a higher energy level than normal, and let us compare the energy of a 9-volt battery. We speculate that this person stays in a place with a concentration of energy equal to a nuclear power plant .... Although energy balance, the level thereof is excessive, thus the "battery" in danger of exploding if it is held too close to the center. This is also what happens when a person uses tools that are particularly powerful, longer stays in place (ie the bedroom). It happens, in fact, that people who practice certain techniques do not take certain precautions in mind to use, or no one has said anything about it, as often happens, and end up literally lose the mental health and / or physical, without understanding why of such adverse effects. 

What's even worse is that, if the person off balance realizes, at some point, something is wrong, do not think simply to decrease the energy level of the place or move the energy equipment, but rather increases even more energy on the spot, ever going to a psychological and physical annihilation, without realizing it! Of this I speak from direct experience, in fact, having no other places to perform experiments, I have always had to orient to my bedroom, through experiences very hard and heavy, from the psychological point of view: after these experiences, I always remember to also evaluate the energy level of the place where balanced dwell, and to remove apparatuses before put in the other function. These are just examples, of course, the dynamics of all possible actions, or indeed, are impossible to describe fully in a paper like this, but can give an idea of how things can degenerate: in addition, there is the fact not negligible, which I described at the beginning, about the fact that, often, who is silent as a "teacher" of various arts, occult, or airs and graces from "know it alls" are unprepared for the real level, not knowing all esoteric aspects of the topics they want to talk or even teach others. Unfortunately, these individuals have a great success among the common people, since exploiting the ignorance and baseness of those who want access to the philosophical-esoteric knowledge, without having the right: let's talk about 'what is necessary to have in his interiority of the studies to address challenging as the occult and the esoteric ...

Some, if not centuries, more than 2000 years ago, said "do not give pearls to swine", well, there was a reason he said this, namely, that those who are not able to "digest" higher knowledge , it is better not to know, because this does not misrepresent or do not mock, which would create negativity to those who, in good faith, has taught, resulting in cognitive disadvantage. The knowledge of any kind is to be understood, must always pass from a series of internal actions, to ensure that they can go from "I know" with the much larger interior "I know", and is not always easy . The difficulty often lies in the fact that people, once you step inside knowledge of subjects that had received some kind of explanation or had made an opinion, you are in the situation of having to subvert their fixed points, with which perceive their reality, so they face an inner death, by or born again, or will die inwardly, for all this life, and stops in his own inner growth, at least in this lifetime.

You will understand now why, since ancient times has always tried to select the human material, to accept the choices of initiation, as was the almost certain possibility that the adept, addressing the harshest test of iniziamento, could also go crazy, or destabilized physically (seriously getting sick), or worse, suicide or die of fright!
Nowadays, people are not much stronger physically, spiritually, let alone ... Each time, a pseudo-spiritual teacher, offers to teach anyone, regardless of whether this is suitable, but only if you can spend lots of money to pay him, he does an act of spiritual abomination, threatening to ruin the person in his being , then block or, worse, kill her. Let's be clear: I am not against the fact of being paid, because the initiation centers were supported by donations of various kinds, so nobody had to work to have a roof over your head or something to eat, but the initiated and the initiates, were the votes for spend their lives following rules outside the normal, so there was a reason. Today, such choices would be impractical, unless it be the wealthy, or do not have a saint in heaven who satisfied basic needs is not started .... the San Francis ...

For example: if I study the arts of initiation, I have to spend considerable time and effort to acquire information useful to my purposes, spending money to find appropriate books, attend courses of study (if they exist, since all the ones I attended were show yourself to be ineffective or fraudulent!), in short, should I invest my life in research, dealing with different times, the evidence of the initiates. I will have less time to work, or I leave a job too demanding or destructive spiritually, to continue my research: this is normal, in fact, reflects the need to leave the old life every day to immerse yourself more in the study of interiority. At this point, we return to the fact of getting paid: it is right to receive money to teach other subjects certain unknown to most, but should not be the primary thought of the initiate! ... as it happens ..

People are always interested in learning techniques "exotic", the speed of light, in the sense that they presume to learn a few lessons, things that usually take years of application, and are moreover convinced that this is possible, from the usual self-styled masters, only to pluck the usual "chicken", and pay the installment of his Mercedes .... Another proof of the fact that not everyone should be allowed access to certain topics if they can not even accept that it is not suitable for these materials, how will they face the trials of the spirit, that every good researcher must face and overcome, with honesty (at least with itself)?? The mass of would-be customers of the "magicians", you know, is extensive, and who are tired of paying these crooks in the end think "why did not I become one?" and starts looking for a course, where you "teach" the operational techniques, believing that they can learn in a weekend, what you could not learn in a life completely, in the golden ages of the initiated! Gentlemen, let us realize that, by definition, an initiate never reaches the ultimate goal, because it knows that the only person to know everything there is, can and should only be the holy Creator, and the speaker claims to have renounced every human religion, so I do not want to proselytize among Christians or between other faiths speaking of the Creator, or in a biblical way ...

I'm just saying that a true seeker of Truth, does not need to be started, but be brave, truthful and honest with himself and others, knowing when you should stop talking and not only to give himself airs of sufficiency, deep in ' intellect and thought, strong in every way (physical, mental and spiritual) that will face trials that seem simple but it will prove dramatic. Basically, if you really, with deep sincerity, looked inside of you, I think you will understand how difficult it is to travel the road that many have traveled, but few have done: it is a lifetime of research, in and out of itself, which waiting for you, not a fashion or a desire of the moment. The search of the spirit, the hidden truth, which you have always been forced out of the religious lobby, is a quest that lasts a lifetime, even more lives will be continued in future, provided that it reaches the level of retention of memory, otherwise the search there will be continued if the right environmental conditions and internal, to "germinate" the seed of good karma. Now to you dear inhabitants of this world: it's up to you to decide if the path of knowledge and inner growth actively, or part of school life, you will face the same trials of the initiated, but only in a passive manner , so you feel at the mercy of the waves of existence, this is the only difference of the two roads. Greetings and mind you: I repeat, you have chosen a road is not no turning back, we must follow it through, or perish in the path, and this because of several internal changes that make the road of knowledge, so as not to be more equal to nothing and nobody in the world, bringing a feeling of being outside world. Life is the only existing initiator: face it, live it fully, diplomatevi university life.

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