What is Crystal Therapy


Crystal energy balancing crystals and stones

The crystals, and their use, have entered the minds of people, thanks to the advent of the New Age movement, American.

Thanks to new openings created through it, the people have come into contact with the knowledge of the various ethnic groups, abitatrici the world, which until a few years earlier, were unknown to most people, unfortunately, the commercialization of this knowledge, he gave a picture and poorer use that is made, for example, crystals, bringing people of different social backgrounds, use them for purposes that often does not make an error in defining immoral and foolish, as would be the use of a stone or a crystal to find love, get more revenue money, find a new job, or the like.

This is precisely the use of fallen stones, which led many people to say that the crystal has no value, and in fact for these uses it has none, because it was designed for far higher purposes and not for whims of people. The crystal was known by the population of American Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, Vikings, and many other civilizations, but it did not represent some of the techniques used today were not so complete as of today: the modern crystal, has often missed the shaman who made the sacred use, to techniques that opt for more "commercial" and therefore less respectful of certain knowledge and customs, as it should have, but unfortunately, modern people, who come to these knowledge, they want to learn everything, without committing too much, paying little or nothing compared to the commitment required to learn and study the vast body of knowledge that interest him. In Australia, the indigenous people who are preparing to enter the elite shamanistic rites of the face where the pieces of crystal hyaline, are inserted under the skin, to increase the power of the shaman.
This is just to give an idea of respect for thousands of years, attributed to the crystals and their power.
Recalling what I have written often found in books on the topic, I want to begin by explaining the difference between a geode and a Druse: The Druse are a "cave", if I pass the time, with much empty space inside self-crystallization of quartz, or amethyst or ametrine, citrine, or, more or less large, surrounded by a shell of quartz agate, further surrounded by rock.
The geode is a quartz-based training, with greater development of agate, quartz crystallization of a small tip, and a small space inside, usually called "the heart": below I show two pictures of both types ( Druze and geode).

As you can see the difference: of course you're wondering why I wanted to point out the difference between them, and I will say that if a person speaks of crystal, and not even tell the difference between these two types of crystal formations, as I happened to find in many books, I think that person should not talk about what we do not know!
The crystals are actually living entity with its own personality, its own way of thinking and acting, with likes and dislikes, just like us, they also need essential, without which they die.

It is also the crystals may die .... it seem strange? Everything in creation is life, even that which does not seem to hold.
The crystals, having formed millions of years, long before human beings, and life forms of any kind, have been able to evolve into forms of energy particularly bright, pocketing a great knowledge, with their shortcomings, because it does not belong to our species, in fact, do not know certain things that concern them most humans who, for that certain questions do not know how to answer.

They are not just storehouses of memory (to have a try, you just think about the technologies that exploit the elements based on silicon or glass, to forfeit various information), but also masters of the interior, at least to a certain point , you just learn to communicate with them. The crystals illuminate our aura, clean environments that we attend, but want us to take care of them, to help them live and work for our good. Drill crystal, not just search with their help, to bring light, help and healing to those in need, but it also means learning to regard these stones as brothers of creation, as being satisfied for the common good of all, not only as objects to be squeezed for our needs, or ornaments for display. Know that just because something does not comment like you, does not eat like you, she needs to rest a lot less than you, does not mean it's something you do not respect or care: we have two hands, one to take and the 'else to give.


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