Crop Circles - Circle Crops


Crop Circles - Circle Crops

Crop Circles

In various parts of the world, for decades, appear with strange geometric formations that are born without a human hand creating them within a few minutes in the fields of wheat grown.
Some of the attempts to find a scientific explanation has been attempted by qualified personnel who by self-interested in the phenomenon, but to date no one has yet written an end to these mysterious happenings: there are several conjectures on it, like the fact that balls of light orbiting the field by "drawing", using energy and techniques that do not understand, manage to bend plants to perfection creating these paths.

Others argue more pragmatically that are only signs of some "joker" who takes advantage of the credulity of the people, to attract attention, pity only that, the various examples given so far from TV treating the topic in question, circles represent only very simple and modest in size, contrary to what occurs in places marked is from these drawings ..

There are also speakers that try to explain the thing by talking about "energy" we do not know that arrive from space, with the intent to communicate with us a few messages (a few hours of warning about the disaster that is now in the fact of not being alone in the universe) through the symbolism of the Crop Circle.
I will try to treat the subject in a more comprehensive as possible, but not verbose, and reminding readers of my site visitors that this information can be checked very quickly by search engines.


     The Crop Circle phenomenon and how it is dealt with in Italy and Europe
     Interpretation of drawings of the Crop Circle (Crop Circles)

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