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Interpretation of the figures of the Crop Circle

The first studies on the phenomenon of crop-circle led to groped to find a means of interpretation for these strange drawings that someone was in the fields of grain, mainly English (but the phenomenon has affected the whole world, including Germany, France, Italy , Spain). You tried to analyze the phenomenon in the light of what little scientific could be drawn, so when in Chilbolton, in August 2001, a particular glyph, appeared before the local radio astronomy observatory antenna, showed a pseudo-response the message that the SETI (Search Extraterrestrial Intelligence) had sent into space in 1974 using the large antenna at Arecibo, we began to think that one should observe this strange phenomenon with different eyes.

If we go back a moment in the history of the phenomenon of crop circles, we realize now that, in effect, the other Crop circles are figures that are part of our culture. Beyond the simple signs you can see drawings of the Egyptian pyramids and the beetle, but also the Jewish menorah next to the Kabbalah, and the mathematics of Julia and Mandelbrot in countless variations.
In other words we were sent back, as such they were, all the drawings that were part of our culture. Reply to Arecibo, however, there was a novelty: for the first time ever, the answer came back that he carried to the sender of the original changes. For the first time in the history of crop circles, the monologue was going dialogue.

Do not forget, even for a moment, that the crop circle phenomenon is known since the middle of 1500 AD and is constantly evolving with the small and insignificant looking but then introduces more complex symbols. The recognition process of communication is similar to that outlined in the final scene of the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," where, using a musical keyboard, aliens and earthlings are exchanged first repetitive sounds (the aliens re-emit the same sounds we sent them), then the language becomes increasingly complicated and, at the end, the aliens begin to make variations on the theme proposed by the Earth's message. In the theatrical fiction film describes a real communicative process, dictated by our mental models.

We, in other words, if we were to talk to someone who does not understand, we would start by checking continuously whether the simple message that we have issued has been properly implemented and would not go forward with other messages, but ripeteremmo until the potential actor did not show to have understood. Then and only then, complicheremmo language. If the recipient does not understand, to help introdurremmo small variations usual message, up to when information understanding.
The aliens, with the crop-circle, they have done nothing but repeat this procedure and, in a first phase of history, have drawn the most simple geometric forms. When we have become convinced that the phenomenon existed, then and only then, the process is complicated with increasingly complex structures and geometric shapes in the past of our own traditions, mathematics and astronomy, and then also in chemistry, along the our culture through a language of images. At the end there appeared variations on the theme, which initially contain alteration of the information of departure and then new information.

The key point is that humans are mammals and therefore good reason to images, the brain of a mammal, in fact, thinks in pictures and only then combines the images of phonemes, raising the real spoken language. The sound associated with the letter "o" comes from the fact that the mouth when pronouncing the letter "o", is positioned so as to appear like a perfect circle: thus the image, by drawing a circle, comes the letter "o" of our alphabet, and so on.
But there's more. While it is true that the reason for mammals and that these images, at a later time, produce the birth of phonemes, there must also be said that behind the image created by our brain, there is something that produces' image itself, which, therefore, does not represent the starting point of the construction of language: this something is the symbol.

Apparently the symbolism may seem understandable by all, while the design is certainly more accessible. If things were really so, you do not understand why, instead, the phonemes are comprehensible only to the few individuals who know a particular language, while they are inaccessible to all others. In fact, because the symbol creates the image and the image creates the phoneme, in this long process of linguistic transformation introduces each one's own culture. Thus, a particular symbol, one for all, depending on the culture that interprets it, is amended for the first time in an attempt to transform the image and a second time in an attempt to transform the image into sound. It starts with a single symbol and you are ultimately unable to communicate. So it would be more understandable to the symbol, but this hypothesis, at first glance, there seems to be confirmed by our experience of everyday communication, but it is.

So the crop circle makers should use a symbolic language, to be sure that communication is the right one, then behind the Chilbolton Crop circles are symbolic information far more important than the techniques we've discussed extensively. Arises from these observations, the idea that, behind the DNA and its design, there is a deeper message that the aliens want to communicate. To be sure of everything, however, you must take a step back in time and space and make sure that the symbolism of the DNA possesses within itself, the characteristics of a true symbol, and not a simple drawing.
We must immediately point out how the image of DNA, much like the simple design as a repository of more complex content, is, for us, the modern way of symbolizing the tree of life, ie the graphical representation behind which lurk many symbols alchemical, esoteric and very ancient history.
The symbol of Hermes (the two snakes that climb on themselves intertwined helical), the tree described by the Kabbalah, these symbols have come down to us, hidden in "secret" of the initiates, who had to pass on secret knowledge not reveal to the uninitiated, unfortunately, over the centuries, this knowledge has become almost public domain, and their significance has often been perverted by the ignorant.
To understand then crop circles must rely on the knowledge circulating in "circles" esoteric, so as to reach the hidden meaning and hidden for many, we want to warn you that we are not alone in the universe, and that we must be careful not destroy this planet because it sustains us and we could not survive without him.

But because the aliens have used these particular symbols (crop circles) to communicate with humanity?
Because they form part of the unconscious that belongs to everyone, maybe even the universe itself, despite the cultural differences or genetic.

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