Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons .. discover the entities!

In the tradition of each religion, have always presented the entity that created the Deity, even before the human race, or create the physical reality that we all know, but often, the information we have received, relating to codesti beings, are mostly related ignorance, or bad faith of those who tried to describe them.
In Greek culture, for example, were called Daimon, all energy entities, never incarnated, that the Divine Being who had created and, at times, with special esoteric rituals, worked together, for better or for worse, with humans .

This word simply means spirit, or rather, guardian, or guardian spirit, which highlights the complete absence of adverse features, such as, nowadays, but since the Middle Ages, were recognized spirits who were in contact with humans prepared to esoteric rites.

The figure of the devil, was introduced by Catholicism, and before that by Christianity, who often used the term to better making his followers, threatening them with eternal suffering if they did not follow the precepts of faith, with the necessary wealth: using the specter of absolute evil, which already owns asserirebbe that even the evil deity, since it generated, the ignorant people could be better controlled in all its forms, was also in the way of thinking.

The care that was used to fill the minds of many of crap, you did not know the absolute truth, which instead tend to be rid of the person, subject again to certain laws of God, but leaving out the sublime truth, allowed to elite of priests from various traditions (because it was not only Catholics to use this mezzuccio for obedience) to have carte blanche in the lives of everyday people, achieving unimaginable wealth and power, just look what happened with the fires organized by Holy Inquisition, which often helped people get rid of certain people that could be annoying in their own business, or women to whom he had envied for its beauty or knowledge, and more.

Well, all these things it is good to end up, because we got to 2008, and knowledge appears to be for everyone, just do a little effort to seek it, and is no longer eligible to remain in a blatant ignorance towards certain basic concepts of true faith (and I'm not talking about proselytizing so because I do not belong to any religion professed by man, even if what I believe has no basis in any religion, but is based on direct knowledge of the truth of the Divine. You have the freedom to believe me or not).

Going back to the good stuff, what are, ultimately, angels and demons?

They are direct children of the Gods, those entities that were created before any other being, and to be honest, and Angels
Demons are the same thing, that is, beings who do the will of our Creator, acting according to His laws, which have no form or shape but a spherical appearance, when you want to see those they deem to be ready.

They can take any shape we desire, because the spirit has no shape or size, they can be described as a perfect sphere, whose color varies depending on the category to which they belong: both categories of beings that ever lived in this reality of existence, can read people's minds, so they know things that even we do not know ourselves.

Let me give you an example to try to help you understand: let's say you're going through a difficult period and you would need a shoulder to rest your concerns, but there is no one who offers it: Well, you know that close to you , there are entities (angels and demons) angelic and demonic looking to make you walk the right path, putting to the test those who try to tell you that you are not alone, and that if only you open yourself to Divine energy, you may feel better and be encouraged in many things.
Yes, because if you did not personally ask for help, angels and demons can not do anything except be beside you, in hopes that you do the first step, there is indeed for them, the obligation to respect your free will, therefore, not expect them to move first if you do not and you let it.

If you come to open up properly, you could develop that particular skill, inherent in every human being, to see the subtle energies, then you may be lucky enough to see any of them beside you, and maybe even would you be able to see their essence nothing is, except what I mentioned a moment ago.
A ball of energy above your head, which stands in all its splendor, illuminated by golden light or white, that will never leave you, even when the disowned, because it represents, at least to some extent, that from which you were
generated, that particular energy, that particular element thin, that vibration, that has made you as you are, and who longs only to meet you, because you are him, he's you, you two are one, but not a there ...
Sentence difficult to understand, that was given to me by my angel-demon, and in a flash he helped me to understand many things, at least on this energy.
Before talking about learning to open up .... what does that mean? How does a person know that you are opening the right way and the energy right?
Well, these are all topics covered by the esoteric sciences, that someone wants to be accused of charlatanism, and the bottom is good, given the unsavory individuals who find themselves increasingly in every place, and many I have known too: often seemed people who could calmly to the category of good, even if this way of judging people is wrong.

When I knew them better, I saw that, despite good intentions, they were making the same mistakes as those belonging to another category, the swindlers, who use spiritual talk, just to attract people into your network to steal money and just now we digress.
I find most just pay someone who really knows the matter is, but I should at least help to grow into what I want to convey, I must give, ie, the means to continue my spiritual journey on this earth, how far can I Carry on ( because we are not all equal, so we will reach different goals, often to different ways), and not just talk about a day or two, or even less, and charge a lot of money, to send me the fray unless I was able to enrich internally, this is wrong!
I'm just using the illusion of people who believe they can learn anything in the blink of an eye, and then rob them, when he should carefully explaining to people that it takes much time and effort to obtain even a few results valid and above all safe for him who uses certain knowledge, actively.

How many times have I seen people who, for fashion, or simply because they fooled themselves to solve all their problems in the blink of an eye, you are left to drag pseudo courses Reiki, Pranic Healing, transcendental meditation, and who knows cos' more ...
I do not want to speak ill of these energy systems, which are all valid and certainly can really help people who receive treatment, or practice, but often I've seen people who convince their customers of the things that were not in heaven or on earth, distorted knowledge, or even that they were "activated" and then energetically legacies to themselves at the mercy of a thousand errors, which have ruined more than anyone.

Now, if someone has something to say, come and discuss it face to face with me, that I can take more tests than you need!
Certainly, and thank goodness, there are righteous people who teach in the correct manner and with due time, only those who really can get close to certain topics, but they are always a minority pale, so beware you: entrust you to the wrong person, will is that there rimettiate physical health, if you are willing,
mental (with abnormal depression or mental weakness) if you going to get worse.

Angels-demons are among us, do not judge us, does not oblige us, love us and accept us for who we are now and our intimate (that is who we really are), try to always follow the law of freedom guided.
If you want to open up your little angel, expecting a quiet evening, which does not have to go out with friends or relatives, make yourself comfortable in the dark, in silence, or with a melodious music, that does not contain the sounds of drums, and call it by heart: Also you will be "hard" energy, perhaps you might hear someone or something that caresses your face, or an inner calm abnormal for your character, or even pick you might want to cry with happiness, as if ritrovaste a dear friend after an immensity of time.
What is your angel .... that makes you feel that you were never alone.


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