Sixth Chakra The Third Eye

Sixth Chakra The Third Eye

Sixth Chakra The Third Eye

Its name means "knowing, perceiving," is also called the sixth chakra, brow chakra, third eye, his color is navy blue or indigo.

Her geometrical symbol is a circle with two wings: it is located in the center of the forehead between the eyes above the eyebrows.

His Divinity are Paramashiva, Hakini Shakti, his planet Uranus, while it has no element.

It directly affects the insight, wisdom, direct perception, imagination.
The body parts associated with it are the cerebellum, face, eyes, ears, nose, paranasal sinus, the hormonal system, nervous system.
Interior positive aspects: inner communion, self-awareness, creative energy, insight, enlightenment, healing energy, imagination, openness to new ideas, control of their thoughts.
Cons interior: selfishness, self-aggrandizement, ambition for power, lack of accountability.

Physical complaints: headaches, diseases of the brain, eye pain, poor eyesight, hearing as paranasal sinus inflammation, diseases of the nervous system.

Psychiatric disorders: difficulty learning and concentration, inattention, fear, feelings of worthlessness, superstition, internal confusion.

The Ajna chakra establishes the connection with the spiritual world, promotes intuitive knowledge and places emphasis on the reality manifested after the overcoming of dualistic perception of the world and the peace of mind, within this higher reality, it may manifest telepathic have frequently encountered phenomena such as premonitions or intuitive understanding of others.

Experiences with the third eye is often described as an experience of light, moments when the eyes open really, for the first time.

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