Seventh Chakra Sahasrara The Crown

Seventh Chakra Sahasrara The Crown

Seventh Chakra Sahasrara The Crown

Its name means "a thousand times more, a thousand," is also called the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, the center of the crown of the head, its color is white or violet or gold, the symbol is the lotus, the planet Neptune, the animal symbol is the serpent, the themes that interest him are the spirituality, the experience of the spiritual worlds, the spiritual force, the cosmic reunification, self realization, enlightenment.

The body parts are the midbrain, the eyes, the body in general is perched on the crown of the head, even though technically speaking is far above the body, jute to keep in touch with the cosmic energies because it receives nourishment and inner guidance.

Pros interior: communion with the universe, spiritual strength, propensity to spiritual, religious, faith, universal knowledge, introspection.
Cons interior: propensity for black magic, superstition, enhanced dissolution of the ego, indifference to earthly existence, retired life.

Physical complaints: headaches, chronic diseases, weak immune system, nervous disorders, respiratory disorders, paralysis, disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, a life threatening disease, mental illness.

Psychiatric disorders: Lack of zest for life, escape from reality, darkness, mental exhaustion, depression, indecision, confusion.

'S associated with spirituality and enlightenment, if this chakra is open, generate feelings of deep peace and harmony immense as the conditions of duality has been overcome: it leads to the experience of happiness and makes contact with reality than thinking.

The energy of the chakra Sahasrara allows the transformation of the person "Mahatma", "great soul".

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