Second Chakra center of sex


Second Chakra center of sex


Its name means "sweet", is also called sacral chakra, the sex center, and is located in the sacrum, the upper part of the sexual organs.
Its color is orange, corresponding planet is Venus and its element is water.
The deity is Vishnu and its related Rakini in nature its correspondences are the moonlight and flowing water, while animals that belong to it are as fish, sea life, the crocodile.

Its symbol is the crescent moon pointing upwards, and his central themes are: sexuality, reproduction, creativity, self-awareness.
Body parts linked: genital glands, ovaries, testes, sacrum, lower area of the pelvis, uterus, kidney, bladder, body fluids, blood circulation.

Physical complaints: menstrual disorders, prostate disease, impotence, frigidity, kidney and bladder disorders, urinary tract infections, diseases of the blood and lymph.

Pros: body awareness, vitality, creativity, energy healing, reproductive ability, passion, joy of life, feminine energy.

Cons: dependence on the pleasure, instinct, aggression, obsessive, destructive rage, guilt, anxiety, loss, jealousy.

Psychiatric disorders Weakness, creative crisis, sexual listlessness, depression, addiction.

As a center of female energy, the second chakra allows the reproduction, birth and new creation, and aspects related to the polarity of male / female, sun / moon, and so on. 

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