How to activate the Base Chakra

How to activate the Base Chakra

Evaluation Test of chakras:

The more the following allegations the more you work with this chakra to stimulate the energy and resolve problems related to it.

  • I fear for the future
  • I have little faith in life
  • They are often devoid of strength and energy and I have a tendency to exhaustion
  • I move quite often and I easily cold hands and / or feet
  • Easily lose contact with the earth
  • Regularly suffer from intestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea


Put your body in motion, practice sports regularly and make sure you move enough.
Gain awareness of the feet and legs, take walks, and the jets of cold water applied to the thighs.
Look for the link with the land stay as often as possible in the nature and work as much as possible in the garden.
Treat yourself every day a short massage of reflex areas in the feet.
Wear red clothing or red fabrics used in your home, place red roses on your table.
The vowel "U" stimulates the first chakra, sit with your back straight, inhale through your nose and then exhale the sound "U", by performing this exercise for 5 minutes.


Cloves, rosemary and cypress stimulates the first chakra (make sure you do not have allergies): choose between these three oils evaporate and take 4 drops in a glass or pour a few drops mixed with a little 'milk, in the bath .


Choose an intuitive one of the following gems: ruby (it's OK to root for Ruby), hematite, red coral (though not a stone), Sardinian, spinel (garnet variety), red jasper, garnet eye cat (a red tiger eye).
Rigiratela between your hands to get a massage and let her give you healing energy, or hold the stone in contact with skin through ring or necklace.


  • Relax your body, shake your arms and legs, sit on the floor with your back straight and then do alternate breathing for several minutes, in practice you close one of the nostrils with the fingers of opposite hand (left hand right nostril and vice versa), gently inspirerete the air, you close the other one holding my breath, you open the other nostril by closing the first one with the opposite hand and exhale. Yet you close both nostrils and you will hold my breath in the lungs empty, then repeat the cycle.
  • Assume the position of the quadruped and run for 7 times a year "rump of the horse / cat's arched back":

Exercises for Chakras

  •  Position of the crow: spread your legs for a width equal to that of the shoulders, toes turned slightly outward. From this position crouch slowly with caution always maintaining a straight spine. Bring knees keeping your upper arms relaxed, always trying to stick the soles of your feet on the floor: Do not force the limit of your reach. At first it is sufficient that the buttocks are located at the knees, inhale and exhale in this position for 7 times. Bring it up slightly sphincter every time you breathe, relax it every time you exhale, then slowly back into place.
  • Sit cross-legged with your back straight, hands resting on the backs of the knees and formed a circle with thumb and forefinger of each hand, keep your other fingers extended and relax: Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale every time you make resound mantra "flash" back then inhale through the nose. Repeat the process for 7 times and during exercise, concentrate on the first chakra.
  • Harmonization of the root chakra meditation: Lie on your back and close your eyes, you felt like the earth sustains; place your hands on the lower abdomen (inguinal region) with the thumbs up to the crotch and fingers pointing down. Inhale vital energy displayed by you absorbed, exhaling deeply, slide the energy in the root chakra. During the exercise, imagine a warm stream of bright red flowing from your hands in the groin, create in your mind the image of the faint light that runs across the lower abdomen, inhale and exhale during the display for at least 7 times then hands resting on the ground.

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