How to open Chakra Front

How to open the sixth chakra Ajna Front

Test of chakras:

The more you match the following assertions, the more intensely you will have to take care of your chakras:

  • I find it difficult to access my intuition
  • I find it difficult to point to my purposes. Often I miss a direction in life
  • I feel a sense of worthlessness and / or are plagued by fears and depression
  • I find it hard to concentrate and direct my thoughts to work
  • I'd like more access to my fantasy
  • I often suffer from headaches and / or have poor eyesight and hearing.


Take regular walks at night, watching the night sky and feel the calm, peace and the strength of the night brightened your imagination, especially through the reading of novels and complex stories.
Wear clothing indigo or dark blue, or furnished home with the same color; be interested to the teachings of Eastern and Western wisdom, write a diary of your dreams in this way will become more intense and strengthen your imagination and intuition.
The vowel "I" stimulates this chakra, and as usual we will use vibrating it breathe while sitting on the ground.


Violet, lemon grass and cajeput, stimulate this chakra, so pick one and put drops in a diffuser to ¾ woods or in the bath, always dilute first with a little 'milk.


The following stones enhance the ajna chakra: blue sapphire, opal, blue tourmaline, sodalite, lapis lazuli. Choose one of these stones in the hand and keep letting his energy passes through you feeding the ajna, or bring it to a ring or a necklace.


  • Relax your arms and legs shake, sit sula floor with your back straight and then do alternate breathing for several minutes (see the base chakra).
  • Assume the position of the quadruped and alternate to seven times the movements "rump of the horse / cat's back."

Open the sixth Chakra


  • Fetal position: starting from sitting on your heels, take off the trunk slowly forward until your forehead touches the floor. The arms are extended beside the body with palms facing upward, breathe deeply a bit 'of time concentrating on your forehead, then risollevate the trunk slowly vertebra by vertebra until you return with the back straight. Place your hands on the back of the neck to hold her head gently open your eyes and look up for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise three more times.

Chakra meditation positions

  • From a sitting position, assume the following location: the middle fingers, stretches, are facing forward and touch the tips of the thumbs as though you are facing your chest. The other fingers are bent and will then match the second phalanges. Inhale and exhale repeatedly uttered the mantra "ksham" repeating the exercise seven times.

 Meditation hand position

  • Harmonization meditative: Lie on your back, close your eyes and relax, put your left palm to the center of the forehead and right above it (the position of the hand should naturally follow the line of the forearms). Keep your hands resting gently on the face for a few minutes, so imagine that a blue energy from penetrating your chakra and flood your body as you exhale. Continue for at least 5 minutes then place your hands at your sides palms on the floor and stay well, relax a little.

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