How to open Chakra Crown

How to open the seventh Crown Chakra Sahasrara

Test of chakras:

The more you match the following assertions, the more intensely you will have to take care of your chakras:

  • I have little desire to live and energy, I often feel mentally exhausted
  • I suffer from depression, I find it hard to make decisions
  • I would like to strengthen my connection with the universe spiritually and be more receptive
  • I suffer from chronic headaches weak immune system or cancer
  • I think that death is the end of everything
  • I find it difficult to relax and meditate.


Take regular walks in the mountains, and once at the top, enjoy over a peaceful valley in front of your eyes, seek the peace of mind, practice yoga or Zen, or other techniques provided that it leads to inner peace.
Take care with better care of your spiritual development, trust your inner intuition to find suitable teachers: Wear white clothing or furnished home as much as possible using white or purple, put on the table at home and a vase of white flowers / or violet.
You can stimulate the seventh chakra pronouncing long the letter "M" for this purpose please sit with your back straight and do resonate with every breath a long "MMMM".


Frankincense, geranium, rosewood, stimulate this chakra: make evaporate a few drops of any of them in a diffuser or essences mettetene few drops mixed with a little 'milk in the bath water.


The following reinforces the crown chakra stones: diamond, amethyst, rock crystal, rainbow obsidian, spinel, tourmaline clear, azurite and gold (even if it is a metal).
Instinctively choose a stone, then keep it in your hand and let its energy pervades your chakras, or bring it with you always set in a ring or a necklace.


  • Relax your arms and legs shake, sit sula floor with your back straight and then do alternate breathing for several minutes (see the base chakra).
  • Assume the position of the quadruped and alternate to seven times the movements "rump of the horse / cat's back."

The Seventh Chakra

  • Position of the mountain: starting from a seated cross-legged, close your eyes, and stretch the arms upward with the palms touching above the head. The fingers are facing upwards and the spine should be slightly stretched. Breathe deeply a few times from this location, then relax again, but try over time to maintain the position for a few minutes.
  • Sit with your back straight, flat and annular counter see the interlace your fingers with your right thumb under the left, keep your hands to the stomach, close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose and make breathing out a long echo "oooooomm". Do this seven times, concentrating on the seventh chakra.
  • Harmonization meditative. Lie supine with eyes closed and muscles relaxed. The palm of his left hand touches the top of the head and the right leg over the left, inhale and exhale completely relaxed. Breathe more deeply and imagine that you receive the energy of the universe through the crown chakra, and when you exhale visualize that energy will pervade the body, a white or golden light, which heals you. Lay your hands slowly to the ground along the body after a few minutes, so relax and stay a while .


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