How to open Chakra Throat

How to open the fifth throat chakra Vishuddha

Test of chakras:

The more you match the following assertions, the more intensely you will have to take care of your chakras:

  • I'm pretty shy and I often feel insecure
  • I find it difficult to express in words my thoughts and feelings and say my opinion
  • Although I am with the artistic point of view, are often creative in crisis
  • Often I choose the wrong words, and only later known to have hurt other people for this
  • I tend to manipulate others or breaking them down by dint of speaking
  • Regularly suffer from pain in the throat, neck, or shoulders, or have thyroid problems.


Look at the blue sky more often during the holidays and spend as much time as possible on the shores of a lake or a sea; bring more blue in your life wearing clothes with this color or decorating your home.
Treat your expressive skills, learn new languages or follow courses of rhetoric: keep a diary, put on paper what you live, oppresses you, makes you rejoice.
Regularly listen to music where the voice is the central point such as choral singers, sing, or a cappella songs: the vowel "E" stimulates the chakra so you can sit intonarlo meditating as usual.
Learn to express your opinion about other people: but always do so in a friendly manner and try to stick to the truth.


Eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor and ginger stimulate the chakras: pick one and put drops in a diffuser to ¾ essences, or add it to a little 'milk to put in the bath water.


Choose one of the following gemstones: aquamarine, topaz, chalcedony, tourmaline blue, turquoise, lapis lazuli and azurite. Let the energy of the stone nourish your chakra, and then your whole body, holding it in your hand or mount it on a ring or necklace.


  • Relax your arms and legs shake, sit sula floor with your back straight and then do alternate breathing for several minutes (see the base chakra).
  • Assume the position of the quadruped and alternate to seven times the movements "rump of the horse / cat's back."

How to open Chakra throat

  • Prayer Position: sitting with legs crossed and back straight, close your eyes, your palms together in front of the chest, inhale deeply, exhale when you lower your head to touch the chin to the top of the sternum. Hold your breath for several seconds, exerting gentle pressure over gap with his chin in the neck. Then press stop, raise your head and inhale again. Repeat three times at least.

Chakra meditation positions

  • Sitting with your back straight united thumbs up, interlace your fingers by placing your index finger to the first: the hands are found in the stomach, inhale deeply through your nose and exhaling repeatedly uttered the mantra "ham" Then repeat the exercise for 7 times focusing on the throat chakra.
  • Harmonization meditative: Lie on your back, eyes closed, palms resting on the neck, gently and without any pressure. The wrists are touching and are placed on the clavicle, diagonally: Relax and breathe more deeply, imagining that receive prana from the universe, a blue prana comes to feeding it your chakra, repeat for 5 minutes, then put your hands in contact with the soil in place and stay a while .


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