How to open fourth Charkra Heart

How to open the fourth Charkra Heart Anahata

Test of chakras:

The more you match the following assertions, the more intensely you will have to take care of your chakras:

  • I feel lonely, I find it hard to make contacts with other people
  • I love a deep, up to two people
  • I find it difficult to relate with your partner and / or I behind a recent separation
  • Are fully included in society, because I'm afraid of rejection and loneliness
  • I wish I could give more love to myself and to others
  • After meeting with friends I often feel exhausted
  • I suffer from heart problems and / or circulatory
  • Are regularly plagued by breathing problems, panic attacks, asthma or colds.


Open yourself to the beauty of nature, especially in landscapes green dip, such as woods or grassy lawns. Pamper yourself, you follow a regular massage or Ayurvedic treatment.
Wear clothing green or furnished home with this color, many plants also located in various corners of the house.
Heal your relationships with your partner, family and friends Make them strong and loving: But you also to your pets, your plants, an attitude spontaneously affectionate.
Listen to music such as solar joyous Mozart, Bach, Haydn: The vowel "A" stimulates this chakra. Sit back relax, inhale, and then vibrate the "A" breathing 5 minutes repeating the exercise.
Learn Shiatsu or Reiki.


Rose, jasmine, vanilla and tarragon stimulates the heart chakra, so choose one of these species and make it evaporate in a few gocci diffuser essences or remembering to add them to bath water to dilute the essence with a little milk.


Instinctively choose one of these stones: emerald, topaz, chrysoprase, green tourmaline, rose quartz, malachite, green spinel, jade, prasio. Hold it in your hand and let his energy to nourish your chakras through your hands or take it with you on a ring or necklace.


  • Do some relaxation exercises shake your arms and legs, sit on the floor with your back straight and then do alternate breathing for several minutes (see the base chakra).
  • Assume the position of the quadruped repeat 7 times a year "riding horse / arched back cat" (see sexual chakra).
  • Position of the Cobra: Lie in a prone position, with the forehead touches the ground, her arms along the body, then crossed his hands behind his back to the height of the buttocks. Inhale and lift your head slightly and sternum and bring your shoulders a bit 'backwards so as to distend the sternum. From this position, breathe deeply 2 times then release the tension, and repeated the exercise three times.

 Chakra opening exercises epr

  • The position of the fingers to the breathing exercises aimed at strengthening the chakra in question is different for men and women. Women join the thumb and ring finger of his left hand and thumb and middle finger of his right hand men back. Close your eyes and relax, inhale, exhale and say the mantra "Yam", repeating the exercise 7 times focusing on the heart chakra.

Meditation hand position

  • Harmonization meditative: Lie on your back, close your eyes, place your hands palm down on the heart, right over left. Breathe deeper and deeper imagining of receiving breathing, the energy of the cosmos and slide it in the center of the chest exhale, imagine the energy of light green, perceiving that radiates throughout your body coming from the heart. Repeat at least 7 breaths then riabbassate hands down and relax.


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