Fourth Chakra heart center

Fourth Chakra heart center Anahata

Fourth Chakra heart center Anahata

Its name means "no hit, no damage," and is defined as the heart chakra, fourth chakra, the center of the chest: its color is green, is located on the column of the thoracic vertebrae above the heart at the center of the chest.
The deities are connected to it Isa, Kakini, its planet is Jupiter, and the element is air.

Its root symbol is the star of David, is the sense of touch, it affects the thymus gland, heart, lungs, circulation, blood, skin, hands, arms, upper back, the rib cage, the bronchi.
Pros: love for others, warmth and sense of group self-esteem, strength, artistic expression, tolerance, openness, balanced sense of the definition.
Cons: pride, arrogance, coldness, hardness, bitterness.

Physical ailments: heart disease, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, lung disease, respiratory ailments, colds, back pain in the area of the thoracic vertebrae, shoulder pain.

Psychiatric disorders: feelings of coldness, loneliness, isolation, social dysfunction, a sense of the definition is too weak.

This chakra is the energetic center of love, compassion, humanity and sense of security, and encourages contact with the affectionate and easy to you, shifting the focus away from the ego to us.
Through it you can build relationships with others without selfish interests, selfless love, but also compassion for all living things professed by the Buddha, are the main issues behind the opening of this chakra.

Each form of love can overcome their own borders, yet, love, feeling their own children, the matrix is selfish because it encourages the building of personal safety within the surrounding world, to counter this trend will spread the love that makes no difference between sympathy and antipathy staff, supported by extraordinary strength and openness, which can only arise from a permanent activity of the heart chakra.

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