Fifth Chakra Throat Centre

The Fifth Chakra Throat Centre Vishuddha

The Fifth Chakra Throat Centre Vishuddha

Its name means "to purify", and is also known as the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, throat center, located in the column of the cervical, precisely in the area of the larynx, its color is light blue, his planet is Saturn, its Divinity Sakini, Sadashiva.

The symbol of this chakra is the circle, the animal related to it is the white elephant, its element is ether.
Topics that interest connected with communication, consciousness of the word, inspiration, mental energy, independence, truth, while the parts of the body the neck, throat, jaw, larynx, esophagus, the trachea, voice and breathing, the cervical vertebrae, the neck, shoulders, ears.

Pros interior: the ability to communicate freely, self-harmony, variety of interests, ability to concentrate and learn, rational thought, insight, confidence in speaking and tone of voice, musicianship, well-developed individuality.
Cons interior: the thirst for glory, intolerance, escapism, excessive emphasis on intellect, lust for power.

Physical complaints: sore throat, tonsillitis, diseases of the teeth and gums, disorders in the neck, pain in the neck and shoulders, thyroid problems, voice disorders, hearing problems.

Psychiatric disorders: shyness, inhibition, confusion, fear of isolation, inability to speak, afraid of their ideas, language disorders, stuttering.

As a center of speech and communication, Vishuddha, favors the development of individual awareness of the word, connecting the chakras of the head with that of the heart, going to balance reason with the feelings and vice versa: working on developing its chakra is Vishuddha will get an increase of internal and external perception and the ability to externalize their internal genuinely.

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