6 ° Chakra exercises Nothing


Now let your breath flow naturally from the nose, concentrated on the area of the sixth chakra, Ajna or the third eye, it is exactly in the brain at the center between the eyebrows, this area displays a white light.

In this chakra is related because nothing is over all elements of existence, as it is above all the other chakras governs thought and Buddhi, the highest part of the thinking mind, the 'intelligence and intuition.

Thanks to his intuition, man is capable of transcending all forms of appearance that they belong to existence and to conceive the idea of an All or Nothing, which is located beyond the flow of existence, formless stillness.
Man is able to sense the existence of a divine principle by which he feels will come and to which to return.
Meditate on the divine presence in you and in every form of life or matter, communicates with the Spirit of Nothing holds and let me make you a master.

Meditates continuously for 10 minutes or more.

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