4 ° Chakra exercises Space


Breathing awareness is similar to circular breathing, but it is sweeter shallow, you have to do it:

  • Breathe through the mouth in a manner only slightly deeper than that of your spontaneous breathing.
  • Never pause between inhalation and exhalation.

Continuing to breathe with the breath of awareness:

  • Bring your attention to the fifth chakra, the throat or Vishuddha. This governs the language, the most evolved expression of the Earth's human nature, it gives the possibility to create a society, a culture, history and evolution of a conscious and responsible.
  • Feel the air enter and exit directly through the center of the throat, where you see a blue light, the color assigned to the throat chakra.
  • The element related to the fifth chakra is the air space, and it reflects all forms of life, including your human form. Meditate on your condition as a human being with the ability to communicate and think through the words, you can take a cue from this statement of Maha Mudra gda'bstan Kun 'dzin: "If you commit to practice teaching perfectly pure (Tantra ) in this life you've got such a body, a similar condition in the future, you will not get. "

Thus meditates on the great opportunity that was given to you: meditate for about 10 minutes.

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