3 ° Chakra exercises Fire


Breathe with bellows breathing:

  • Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose.
  • Contract the abdominal muscles in order to push the belly towards the inside, this causes the air outlet from the body quickly; let the air out through the mouth.

Continued uninterrupted bellows breathing:

  • Draws attention to the third chakra, the chakra Manipura chakra or solar, this center is located in the solar plexus and its color is yellow.
  • Displays a yellow light in the area of your solar plexus and breathe through this area of the body as if the air entered and came out through the yellow light piercing the third chakra.
  • The bellows breathing is very powerful because exhalation is forced by the contraction of the abdominal muscles. This breath cleanses the body of toxins, stimulate deep breathing oxygenates the inner cell. If you are not accustomed to deep breathing can happen that you feel a sense of light headedness or tingling in the extremities do not worry about these phenomena that disappear with proper practice.
  • Meditate on your union with the fire:
  • Meditate on the right of the fire power of transformation, this power is in you, for you are also composed of fire, the third chakra governs the power of personal will, and she, like flames of fire, must always rise to the 'upward toward evolution. Think of the will that moves the entire evolutionary nature over the millennia, which has brought life to be transformed from the most primitive to the most advanced. Fire is one of the elements that make you, you are made of fire, you can not fortify yourself without fortifying the fire and the spirits of nature that you belong.
  • Look through your breathing and your inner disposition are increasing in you and in all nature the presence of the fire.

Meditate for 10 consecutive minutes.

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