I ° Chakra exercises Earth

1 ° Chakra exercises Earth

Breathes with your breathing stops:

  • Try inhalation through the nose into two successive stages by making a very short break (no more than one second) between a fraction and the other. Filled from bottom to top, in this order: in the first phase of inhalation fill the abdomen, the chest in the second (always without forcing).
  • Breathe out through your mouth so fast and deep, emptying from top to bottom, so you have the feeling that the fall in the body while breathing out the diaphragm moves up. On leaving the gaping air produces a sound similar to a ... haa, deliberately emphasizes the spontaneous sound dell'espiro
  • Inhale and exhale without pause.

Continuing stopped breathing:

  • Bring your attention to the first chakra, it is located in the perineum, between the anal sphincter and genital organs, its color is dark red energy
  • View a dark red light in that area.
  • Door, through concentration, breathing in the first chakra, and breathe as if the air entered and came out through the red light, piercing the perineum.
  • For each inhalation feel that you are absorbing the energy of the earth through your first chakra, at each exhalation let the energy of the ground bait you disperse in the air.
  • Meditate on your relationship with the land:

Your first chakra is the chakra Muladhara, or baseline, it is like a tunnel, a passage that infinity descends into the earth and connects you to this in an inseparable way.
Through it your emotions and things on earth are exchanged constantly, you live the same disturbances of the earth, it is one of the elements that make up and you can not heal yourself without healing the earth and all the nature spirits that belong to you.

  • Feel that through your breathing and your inner disposition, you are purifying the earth element in you and in nature.

Meditate for 10 consecutive minutes.

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