7 ° Chakra exercises Spontaneous Breathing


Continuing to breathe spontaneously empty the mind.

Imagine a waterfall of golden light in you from entering the seventh or crown chakra or Sahasrara which is situated exactly at the top of the head: it represents the opening of man into the realms of Spirit and connects the human being with the higher powers.

  • Let the golden energy that represents the strength of the Mother in you come up to flood your whole body. In fact, this force is the only one who can truly heal the earth, water, fire and air and spazioche make you and the planet.
  • Made channel, let the energy of Mother passing through you raaggiunga nature and its creatures, bringing everywhere the power of transformation the power of evolution. Concentrated to develop a physical feeling of energy descent.
  • You can stay in the last two phases of the ritual of meditation, the sixth and seventh chakras, how long you want going into deeper and deeper states of meditation.


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