2 ° Chakra exercises Water

2 ° Chakra exercises Water

Breathe with the breathing square:

  • Inhale through your nose riempendoti completely from bottom to top (always before filling the abdominal area and then the chest).
  • Hold your breath in the lungs almost completely full.
  • Exhale deeply through the nose (always empty first and then the chest and abdominal area).
  • Hold your breath in the lungs empty.
  • The four breathing: inhalation, internal retention, exhalation, external retention, must have the same duration. Try keeping a breathing rhythm that does not feel any sense of fatigue, if you feel you are forcing to hold your breath shortens.

Continued uninterrupted breathing square:

  • Draws attention to the second chakra, the chakra Svadhishthana or pelvic chakra, the center is located in the sexual organs and its color is orange.
  • View an orange light in the pre-specified and breathes through this area as if the air entered and came out through the orange light, piercing the second chakra.
  • For each inhalation feel like that would open a faucet, a cascade of water floods your body with each exhalation, and feel the water flow from your being to return to the cosmos.
  • Meditate on your relationship with water: Meditate on the free spirit, wild, pure water, the same need for freedom and purity that it is not present in your water chakra, the center of sexual energy.

This chakra censorship, condemns the repression of the mind is very heavy, so it needs to wash away the guilt, he needs to feel pure, free, life.
Water is one of the elements that make you, you are made of water, you can not heal yourself, heal without water and all nature spirits that belong to you.

  • Look through your breathing and your inner disposition, you are purifying and releasing the water element in you and in nature.

Meditate for ten consecutive minutes.


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