Mother Goddesses Lady Luck


Mother Goddesses Lady Luck

The abundance and fecundity were the main aspirations of ancient societies, and the Celts are no exception, the idea of a mother figure who provides for all he found constant expression in their myths and legends.

These deities were often depicted in groups of three - the number sacred to the Celts - surrounded by symbols of wealth such as fruit, bread, wheat, which gave rise to the figure of "Lady Luck" "luck".

Sometimes one of the three figures in her arms a child.

These women were also closely associated with sacred springs, from small sources with large baths, such as Aquae Sulis (modern Bath) which were known by the name of Suleviae.

The Irish goddesses of fertility often coincided with the goddesses of war as Medb, who granted her favors to nine sovereigns in a row.

Mother Goddesses Lady Luck

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